Advanced Lifting Clinic 2016


As regular as a leadership challenge in Australian politics, the approaching warmer months provide the impetus and motivation to get in shape before indulging in all the benefits summer has to offer. Staying true to the Hammer philosophy however means that there is no 8 or 12-week ‘bikini/budgie smuggler’ challenge on our schedule. What we are implementing instead is an advanced lifting clinic, allowing participants to reach another level of lifting that influences the feedback loop below:

Advanced Lifting Feedback Loop

Our philosophy is that everyone should strive to establish higher strength capacities with their training, so that we can progress to more difficult lifts. Why? For variety and continued improvement of course! It is easy to ‘get the sh*ts’ with training when it becomes monotonous so by rolling out this program, it provides the extra spark of motivation that may have faded through winter.

Unlike the many challenges implemented by other facilities and gyms, it is not a question of rationale but rather, short sightedness. Quite simply, many ‘short-term’ challenges attack exercise programming and nutrition too aggressively, meaning that it is unsustainable in the long term and in some cases, the nutritional advice provided is worth less than the paper it’s printed on. On the contrary, our advanced lifting clinic will provide nutritional advice to maximise recovery and feed the system adequately to sustain the rigors of the program, shifting the focus from ‘dieting to exercise’ to ‘fuelling to train.’ By changing this focus, we are providing for a greater likelihood of long-term sustainable change in body composition, even beyond those summer months.

The idea of this clinic is to capitalise on the last 3 phases of training implemented through the year and is predicated on those phases in order to provide a base strength level capable of withstanding the rigors of the new clinic. However, that is not to say that the Advanced Lifting clinic is designed exclusively for Hammer clients; if you have been training consistently for some time and want to challenge yourself on another level, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider participating. Prior to participation however, you will be required to undertake a screening with one of our coaches in order to ensure that you are sufficiently competent to experience the level of training contemplated by the clinic.

What will you be doing?

Let’s not sugar coat it – this particular clinic will involve significant commitment to training. You will undertake 3 coach-directed resistance sessions in a group strength format (providing that additional peer support) with a fourth session to be self-directed, completed during Hammer’s open gym times (or at another facility if necessary). Count out and loud (use your fingers if you need) – that’s right, FOUR weights sessions per week!

Coupled with this will be ONE conditioning session, be it a class here at Hammer or on your own at home/park/another facility.

4 weight sessions +1 conditioning session = 5 sessions per week. Like we said, you will need to commit – not ‘The Bachelor’ type commitment either but rather, ‘127 Hours’ level of commitment.

Due to the nature of this program, there will be significant monitoring of participants through the use of load management systems like Push bands accelerometers, session RPE’s (rate of perceived exertion) and the Rejeski scale. This will allow for an accurate measure of participant exertion levels, ensuring that no overtraining related illness or injury curtails participation, providing maximal benefit.

The devil is in the detail

All you need to know, in dot point form.

Cost is $131 a week. This includes:

  • Three group PT sessions;
  • 6 week membership at Hammer Athletic (including access to open gym times and conditioning classes); and
  • Nutrition guide and monitoring tools.

The program runs for 6 weeks, which includes:

  • Two testing days on 24 September and 29 October (prior to and at the conclusion of the clinic); and
  • Starting the week commencing 26 September, 6 weeks of committed training.

Requirements for participation:

  • If you are a regular Hammer Athletic client, you need the green light from your coach to participate, based on their assessment of your abilities; or
  • If you are not a regular Hammer Athletic client, you will be required to participate in a pre-screening assessment to determine whether you have the requisite capacity and competency to participate without any significant risk of injury. The screening will be brief and free to those interested in participating.

So, keen to throw some iron (safely, of course)? Get in contact with us now.

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