Who we are

Hammer Athletic

We are a boutique strength and conditioning facility in Townsville.

No-nonsense strength and conditioning. That’s what we’re about. We emphasise the foundations of strength training in combination with whole body conditioning. We’re experts in our field and implement cutting-edge fitness philosophies alongside the best of the ‘old stuff’ that is tried, tested and guaranteed to work. We aren’t all for jumping on the latest bandwagon, but we certainly don’t just think that ‘our old stuff is better than our new stuff’ either.

Meet our team

Complete fitness

We train for complete fitness and not just the appearance of fitness. We don’t buy gimmicks, we aren’t big on fitness cults and definitely don’t promise quick fixes. Hammer Athletic is private; not for everyone, but not closed. At Hammer Athletic we push for a well-rounded lifestyle – it’s not only about eating right and training hard; it’s also about finding the right balance between your health and fitness, family and social life.

Finding Balance

Barbells, beer and BBQ’s: Who says you can’t have it all? When all these are in check the ability to be fitter, leaner and just better is a much easier prospect. This well rounded nature, combined with the some of the most qualified trainers in Townsville, can only suggest a successful environment for your health and fitness goals.

Our services


Conditioning Classes

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, or just love to train, you’ll benefit from our conditioning classes.

Personal Training

With one-on-one Personal training you receive hands-on instruction with your form and technique.
Group Strength


Enjoy pushing yourself in a team environment and benefit from the structure and accountability.

Our Culture

It’s pretty hard to get a feel for the culture of a place from a website. But the following articles may help to paint a clearer picture of how we run the place and what you can expect. Enjoy.