Group Strength

Enjoy pushing yourself in a team environment and benefit from the structure and accountability.
Conditioning Classes


Whether you’re a competitive athlete, or just love to train, you’ll benefit from our conditioning classes.

Fitness Programs

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced lifter, our online programs will take your fitness to the next level.
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Hammer Athletic

If you are seeking to improve your strength, fitness, body composition and performance – you have come to the right place.

We are a strength and conditioning gym based in Flinders Street, Townsville (Due to Launch March 2021). We advocate the foundations of strength training in combination with whole-body conditioning for a well-rounded lifestyle. We’re experts in our field and implement cutting-edge fitness philosophies alongside the best of the ‘old stuff’ that is tried, tested and guaranteed to work.

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Train with purpose

Periodised Programming

Throughout the year our coaching clients participate in a series of 6 week  periodised phases which differ in design but offer a superior environment for fat loss and muscle adaptation.

Quantified Results

Every six weeks clients are subjected to a rigorous testing battery in order to predict performance, indicate weaknesses, measure improvement, and assess the success of the training program.

Velocity Based Training

Hammer Athletic utilises PUSH Band technology to optimise our athletes’ training regime and results to provide us with actionable workout analytics that will take your coaching to new levels.

Gym Floor Culture

We are and will always be community based, family owned and here to bring you the best in health and fitness – and we do all that with a stupid joke, a smile on our face and a fantastic soundtrack.

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