Class Descriptions

  • Prehab

    Our Prehab class utilises strength and conditioning principles for keeping our athletes injury-free.

  • Energy system training

    An explosive class that trains your different energy systems helping you to get fitter and stronger.

  • Rip in like Rambo (HIIT)

    If you are time-poor and want a decent session, prepare to rip in in our high intensity interval class.

  • Off-feet Conditioning

    Reduce the amount of impact on your lower extremities while getting a solid gold workout.

  • Hammer Mama Strength

    A strength class to suit the various stages of motherhood; from prenatal to antenatal and postnatal.

  • Open Gym

    A supervised time slot for our coaching clients to make use of the gym floor.

Class Prices

Get more bang for your buck with our unlimited class bundle

Casual conditioning classes (per class)$20
Conditioning classes 10 pack (save $50)$150
Unlimited Class Bundle (weekly)$20