Strength & Conditioning


Enjoy pushing yourself in a team environment and benefit from the structure and accountability.

Share a highly-qualified coach with like-minded individuals who will mentor you through technique, programming and strength to get you closer to your goals. It’s easy to make excuses and skip sessions when you train alone, however when you train in a group you are accountable to the group. This alone helps you stick to the program.

This is our flagship membership; in this membership, you receive everything our gym has to offer.


Per week

Access to unlimited classes

24/7 gym access

4 x Strength Sessions Per Week

Online Programming

You get access to all group strength classes on our timetable. These classes are restricted to 18 people per session to ensure quality delivery of the structured, periodised program that has the forethought to allow you to train day to day from month to month.

We use software called Teambuilder, which is a programming software that allows our S&C members a digital look at the program we have designed. This software is downloaded to everyone’s phone to which each member can add their weights lifted along with a lot of other useful information needed to help each lifter from session to session. This software also utilises videos of each exercise which gives each member the flexibility to perform the program anywhere they have access to a gym.

The Program

Flexible Training

With a variety of weekly sessions to choose from, and the flexibility to book your sessions online, getting stronger has never been more achievable. You can book sessions directly from our timetable or by downloading the Gymmaster App from either the Google Play Store, or App Store.

Excellent Value

You can participate in weekly strength sessions and unlimited conditioning classes. You just choose your level of commitment – There are no joining or cancellation fees – it’s a membership without the anxiety about contracts, pushy consultants or constant emails.

Guaranteed Results

By participating in a periodised resistance program with qualified strength and conditioning coaches you can expect to see improvements including strength, power, fitness, and body composition. We can back that up because we perform regular testing intervals.
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  • Q1: What if I am going away or need to pause my membership?

    No worries! Just like our unlimited conditioning membership, all we need is 14 days notice in order to initiate the hold in our software. Same goes if you need to cancel.

  • Q2: How is it great value?

    This program allows you to participate in up to 4 coached strength sessions per week and attend as many conditioning sessions per week for under $60. You’d be hard-pressed to get one session in with a regular PT for that price.

  • Q3: Can I book with my preferred coach?

    You will be able to book 6 months in advance which means, if you’re super organised you (and your squad) can secure your preferred training time slot with your preferred coach. You will be able to see which coach is taking each session online.

  • Q4: What time are the sessions?

    Monday to Friday we conduct numerous sessions before and after work. Check out our timetable.

  • Q5: What if the time I want is fully booked?

    We host a waitlist whereby if you’re first-in, you’re best dressed. If another client cancels their session you will be notified. But there are so many sessions available that this is rarely an issue.

  • Q6: Is there a cancellation policy?

    You are responsible for managing your own bookings. This means that if you are not going to attend a session you must cancel it. You will be able to cancel up to an hour before the sessions starts. After that, if you do not show up it will be deducted from your weekly session count. You will not be able to make this up. You will have access to the programs online, so you can perform a self-directed session during any of our open gym time slots.

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