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8 Week Fat Loss eBook


Sustainable Results Online

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced gym-goer, our Online 8-week Fat Loss Program will take your fitness and body composition to the next level.

This is not a generic ‘beach/bikini/mankini/thigh gap/man-V’ challenge with unsustainable eating plans and meaningless exercises regimes. This is written by a professional strength and conditioning coach in consultation with a dietitian using science-based methods that we know will get you as strong and lean as possible. You will receive an eBook that will step you through the entire process.


Strength & Conditioning Programming

This program offers a complete strength and conditioning solution. The resistance program is specifically designed to train concurrently with an added conditioning aspect.

This means that exercises, reps, sets and intensities are directly formulated to accentuate your conditioning, not hamper it; this means training smarter in the weights room, not necessarily harder. Make no mistake; the conditioning aspect of the clinic is the major component. This will be a combination of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, implemented each week which will torment your mental capacity. These two components, properly periodised throughout the clinic will reap huge results.

Self-directed Nutrition Guide

The program will walk you through a step-by-step nutrition guide and show you how to set your caloric expenditure goals and workout how to hit them.

There is no single “best” diet for everyone. They need to be tailored on an individual level however, the general rule of thumb is: You need to create a caloric deficit and always focus on nutrient-dense foods. The nutrition component of the program was written in consultation with a dietitian to ensure results that can be carried forward beyond the program.

Goal setting and weekly planning tool

As has always been the case, we believe CONSISTENCY ACHIEVES RESULTS and that you don’t just drop the ball and stop giving a shit about your nutrition and training after 8 weeks.

This program includes goal setting and action plans which are designed to take you beyond the program and make you more accountable to yourself.


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