Silly Season 2016

Have you noticed a slight change in the air lately? That’ll be Silly Season. It is encroaching… We have been doing this for long enough now to know how this plays out. The weather is getting warmer and the temptation to reach for a cold beer or cheeky spritzer is intense, not to mention the social pressure to attend parties as offices are winding down.

The hard work and results that we’ve put in over the last 9 months is at threat. In years gone by we have witnessed many clients stunt their progress over the coming 3 months, only to come crawling back at the start of January in a world of hurt.

Don’t let this be you! They say that you can’t out-train a bad diet… and you can’t. But we are going to give it a red-hot go. In order to get in before things start to go pear-shaped (literally) we have developed the Silly Season 2016 program to keep you motivated and ensure the results that you have achieved over the last 9 months are not stunted over the debaucherous period.

In the coming 3 months we will be executing three separate clinics which have been formulated to get the absolute best out of your rig you’d ever thought possible. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but here is a little teaser. To register your interest and hear more about each clinic as we release information use the form below.




Which clinic(s) are you interested in?

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