Phase 1 (German Volume) Results 2015

Phase 1 saw us work through a German Volume or general prep phase. Our goal was to get you all a reduction in fat loss and to increase muscle mass and heightened work capacities. This was reflected in our testing battery where we conducted specific tests that would determine if we were successful in our endeavors.

The tests included skin-folds, weight and our lactate threshold test (or 2 minute airdyne). The ideas was that if the skin-folds went down and our weight was consistent (or you saw a marginal decrease) it was a good indicator of muscle gain and fat reduction. If your maximum calorie achievement over 2 minutes went up in the airdyne test it was a reflection of your improved ability to handle higher power outputs.

The German Volume Program specifically helped this parameter because of the high reps and minimal rest time. Over the 4 weeks everyone built up their ability to work under higher than usual workloads. This increased our ability to buffer lactic acid, moving your thresholds further away from previous levels.

On average everyone achieved a 2kg drop and 1.5% decrease in fat across the population of 50 tested. Our lactic threshold went up on average 3 calories over 2 minutes.

Average Clients_Page_4

A fantastic and measured increase indicating the program worked and that our clients are certainly ripping in to get GREAT results. There were a few stand-outs, so here they are:

Top Five % Fat Drop

% fat drop Client
1 6.0% Adam Copping
2 4.0% Adam Currey
3 4.0% Bri Kelly
4 3.3% Shannah Crowe
5 3.0% Nick Humzy


Top 5 Lactic Threshold Increases

Increase Client
1 17.0% Chris Ham
2 14.0% Scott Lewthwaite
3 10.0% Phil Webber
4 10.0% Adam Copping
5 10.0% Nathan Pedwell

Our next phase (strength phase) we will expect to see some big increases in strength. Stay tuned.

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