Manilla St Pam Relief Event Wrap-up

On Saturday 9th of May Hammer Athletic hosted a charity event to raise much needed funds to assist in the ongoing response to the crisis in Vanuatu caused by Cyclone Pam. The response from our extended Hammer Family of clients and friends was overwhelming – you guys made such an effort and are going to make a HUGE difference toward the people of Vanuatu. Check out our galleries below.

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It’s easy to forget PAM. After all, it was almost two months ago and since then there’ve been other devastating events in the news (like the storms/floods in NSW, Queensland and the earthquake in Nepal).

But Cyclone PAM is still causing suffering and loss in Vanuatu, thousands are still struggling with food, water shortages one month on, and the effects will be felt for some time. It’s wonderful that emergency relief has been flowing in for the victims of Cyclone PAM but we know they still need our help, and we wanted to do our bit.

Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu with devastating force, claiming lives and destroying homes, hospitals and crops. The Category Five cyclone was one of the worst storms to ever hit the region. It is estimated that more than 180,000 people have been affected, and between 50-90% of infrastructure destroyed.

We have decided to donate all of the money raised during our Pam Relief event to CARE.


CARE are responding in Tafea Province in the south, where 32,000 people live. CARE is assisting survivors in Tafea Province with urgently needed food, shelter and measures to improve water, sanitation and hygiene.

They have also launched an ‘Erromango Women’s Seed and Tool Bank Initiative’ which encourages women to form committees to plan, distribute seeds and share tools to meet the food needs of  individual households and the wider community. They have also distributed shelter materials and hygiene kits, as well as repairing water systems and building toilets to help affected communities.

How much was raised?

To date, we have raised $1,738, which will all go to CARE to purchase things like:

– water purification kits;

– family hygiene kits and;

– emergency food packages for families which contain life-saving food such as rice, canned fish, canned meat, canned vegetables, eggs, noodles and bottled water.

It’s not too late to donate if you’ve missed out – visit our Go Fund Me page by midnight Monday 11th May 2015. We will transfer our final figure on Tuesday 12th May.

So many Thank you’s.

Firstly, to all of the generous businesses who donated prizes, we thank you: Moo Goo, Paleo Hero, Papas and Pace, Raphy’s Espresso, ABSC International, Queensland Cricket, IGA East Brisbane, Buttered Up and Intensity Personal Training. Also, Lozzy from Valiant Hire for lending us the tables and chairs. Oh and massive thanks for DJ Cisco for keeping it real on the decks – that set was second-to-none (and thanks for the lend of your BBQ mate!)

Next, our awesome clients (slash) friends who turned up on the day and got involved in our various activities from the conditioning class round robin to the burpee challenge, the bake sale, the ping pong tournament and the tickety-boo 50 cent sale. Your generous donations will make such a huge difference.

Finally, the Hammer family: Riley, Kira, Belinda, Bernie, Bretty, Natty, Rhi, Nishi, Cian, Scuddy, and all of the Hams. From concept through to planning and execution, you guys worked your rings out from the get-go. So much out-reach sourcing prizes, selling tickets, promoting the event. And then the baking! So much baking went on well into the eve of the event. You should all smile a little wider after today because your efforts saw through a hugely successful event and raised a bucket load of cash to help our mates in Vanuatu.

The Wrap-Up:

People through the door
Participants in Conditioning Class Round Robin

We witnessed Bernie Short become the last man standing in our Burpee Elimination with 47 burpees under his belt, only to have Brad Tindale (who lasted a mere 10) win the Pebble Smart Watch (thanks to IGA East Brisbane) by purchasing a whopping 60 burpee handicap for $120. What a lad. For his effort, Bernie scored a bag of coffee from Raphy’s Espresso and a Primal Pantry voucher, but he gave it away to the runner up, given he hadn’t participated in the conditioning class round robin so felt he had an unfair advantage.

Dollars raised from the bake sale

We announced the winners of the 50 cent sale: Prize #1: Get Hammered Hamper (Valued at $578.00) went to Blake Russell. Prize #2: MooGoo Hamper (valued over $100) went to Matt Hardy. Prize #3 Paleo Hero Hamper (valued at over $100) went to Bernie Short (who then auctioned it to Chris Ham for $65). Prize #4 Buttered Up Hamper (valued at $69) went to Chris Ham (who then auctioned it to Nathalie Pobitzer for $30). Prize #5 Intensity PT Healthy Mind & Body Hamper (valued at over $280) went to Kelly Munro. Prize #6 $200 Papas + Pace voucher went to Cian Jarver (well, let’s be real – it’s Nishi’s now!). Last-Chance lottery $50 Primal Pantry Voucher from Heather & Jim Munro at ABSC International went to Chris Ham

Finally, Chris Scuderi took out the PING PONG KING title and won a $200 Papas and Pace voucher, which he donated back to the cent sale to be re-drawn and Danielle Munro was the lucky duck to score that.

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves. We certainly did!

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