Modified Strongman Course

Modified Strongman

It seems like everyone has seen or at the very least, heard about ‘The Mountain’ (or Hafthor Bjornsson to his friends) from Game of Thrones by now. With that physique appearing on one of the most popular television shows of the last 10 years, it is fair to say that he has reinvigorated the interest in Strongman competitions, pulling them back from the heights of the 80’s and 90s into modern relevance. With the search for the ‘next big thing’ in fitness, it is not surprising to see interest in that type of training beginning to rise.

The question you may be asking is why the hell would this appeal to the ‘Average Joe’ who just wants to drop fat and look tight for summer? However, this type of workout follows the same premise as our EST sessions and is simply a version of metabolic conditioning with one distinct difference; instead of low weight, high rep exercises performed with minimal rest, instead it is either heavy weight performed with minimal rest intervals (safely).

Benefits of Metabolic Conditioning coupled with Strongman techniques

Not sure how metabolic conditioning works? Put simply, it is where participants perform resistance exercises, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning in a program of maximal effort and minimal rest, causing huge metabolic disruption to the body. In response, the body increases metabolic processes in order to adapt to the stimulus causing such disruption. This phenomenon is called Excess Post Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC, a phenomenon explained more fulsomely on our website in discussing the methodology and science behind the formulation of our EST and Rip in Like Rambo sessions.

The major draw card of metabolic conditioning is that it can increase muscle mass and strength, an excellent bonus when performing a session primarily focussed on elevating your heart rate. Usually in a class atmosphere, sessions are planned around small weights or bodyweight exercises, performed in a high repetition format in order to increase heart rate and stimulate muscle damage, leading to positive muscular adaptation. While this can provide an increase in strength, invariably this increase is a short term adaptation, with the greater benefit coming from an increase in general   fitness and fat loss. However, with the Strongman process, the unique and unusual exercises that are prescribed constantly challenge not only the muscular system but also the nervous system, invoking more than a general fitness and fat loss response but further, an increase in strength and muscular growth.

The Strongman process is primarily based around lifting or moving unorthodox objects: atlas stones, lifting tyres or in the most extreme example, pulling trucks. However, that unorthodoxy can be modified with techniques and materials commonly used in the gym. The Hammer Athletic version will aim to emulate traditional Strongman events by performing modified exercises, at high load, that spark a similar metabolic reaction to the traditional events.

Limitation on participation

Considering its unorthodoxy and our desire to emulate that specific metabolic reaction, there will be a limitation on those for whom this training technique will be appropriate. Namely, for someone to participate in this class they require a minimal strength base. At the minimum, we expect that: a prospective client will need to:

  1. For prospective female clients, you are able to squat your bodyweight and bench press 85% your bodyweight; and for men,; and
  2. For prospective male clients, you are able to squat 105% of their bodyweight and bench press 100% of their bodyweight.

The reason for these baselines is inherent in the type of exercise that will be performed; as the loading varies immensely as against traditional EST or HIIT class, a standardised minimal strength capacity allows participants to perform the exercises competently and more importantly, safely. With that being said, in order to participate in these classes, prospective participants will need to email Matt ( in order to undergo an assessment on your ability and current strength capacity to participate in these sessions. If you are not a current client of Hammer and your experience and strength levels are not known to the members of Hammer, you will need to email Matt in order to arrange for a client pre-screening, which will ascertain whether meet the pre-requisites for participation.


If you are already a member of Hammer Athletic, it is only an additional $10 per session; for non-members, it is $25 dollars per session.

For maximum benefit, the program will run over a 4 week period and you should ensure that you are dedicated to the entire 4 week period, as you will be charged for the entire 4 week period upon commitment. We understand that there may be unavoidable and unforeseen factors which may impact on complete attendance, which we will address should any such circumstances arise; however, please note that this is the exception to the norm and that without timely notification or prior agreement, the 4 week period will be charged to you at the commencement of the program.

Next course commences on Saturday 3rd September 9:00am and will run weekly for 4 weeks.

Do you want to do it? Let us know below.

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