Accumulation Intensification Phase 2016

Intensification Accumulation Phase 2016

When ADP concluded a month ago it was the culmination of our first 6-month macro cycle. Our next phase (accumulation intensification phase) is the very start of our next macro cycle or 6 month plan. In-between phases we saw a 3-week transition or off season phase, where we de-loaded our guys from 6 months of bloody hard work and lifting and issued them programs that reduced intensity and loads on the body whilst at the same time maintaining a general base of strength and conditioning.

In previous phases we have specifically one particular set of characteristics as a primary goal. However this program targets two characteristics and is designed to build a muscular base as well as strength base. Contrary to this similar phase we all phased in early in January, we haven’t had a break from training (i.e. Christmas). Therefore, the less time is needed to build a muscular base, what we are seeking is a little boost instead of a sustained focused program. Thus the integration of muscle building and strength capacity is a better utilised program at this particular time for our clients.

For this reason, it is called an Accumulation – Intensification Phase. In this phase we start with relatively moderate reps ranges with intensities ranging from 75-80% of our 1RM. However, with every week the rep ranges do decrease and the intensities continue to rise to 90%. This then covers muscle growth intensity ranges and strength gain intensity ranges.

The overall goal of this phase is to build our muscular base again and slowly increase our strength capacity. These two components would have reduced anywhere between 5-10% post ADP as the focus wasn’t these factors but rather power, fitness and endurance.

Why are we doing this?

There’s always a point, isn’t there? We are working on strength gains because our next big training clinic for the year is split up in to two different focuses that will commence at the beginning of Summer. The first clinic we have executed before with ‘Run Forrest Run’ which is a running clinic that increases aerobic fitness and fat loss without having to do massive kms day in day out. A high strength base is essential for us to achieve this program injury free. The second clinic that will be running simultaneously to this popular running program, is our advanced lifting program. This program is where we implement advanced lifting techniques from O-lifting and many other lifting variations that require a big base both strength and muscularity. Participants will be able to choose which clinic best suits their interests and abilities. Watch this space.

Article by Matt Ham

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