Improving Sprint Ability

Here are Hammer Athletic, we put a lot of work into our extra-curricular programs like our Athlete Development Program. We often get asked what is involved in these programs and why we run our guys through the drills that we do. Here is quick peek into our sprint session today which had a focus on increasing Acceleration and Maximum Velocity with some rolling commentary on the exercises to help shed a bit of light.


In order to increase hip extension power in a dynamic sprint-specific drill we took our guys through bounding exercises where the goal was to exert as much ground reaction force within the hoops as possible.

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Resisted Sprints

We performed this to increase acceleration or get the most bang for your buck in the initial 10-20m.

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Banded squat jumps with a sprint

We do this to potentiate the neurological system, to which it increases muscular contractility thus yielding higher force production – or in laymen’s terms – you charge up your body and then it sprints faster.

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Top-end speed work (velocity) with parachutes

This drill increases resistance at maximum speed forcing you to produce more force at your maximum velocity. To put it simply, the faster you run, the harder it gets.

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Working on what we’ve just learned regarding technique, acceleration, plyometrics and velocity we put it to the test by sprinting 40m in a potentiated and more efficient state.

Our next session on Wednesday will focus on acceleration/deceleration, changing direction and reactional changing direction.

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