The Hamlow Medal

Introducing the highly coveted Hamlow Medal. The Hamlow Medal (no relation what-so-ever to the AFL Brownlow Medal or Charles Brownlow Trophy) is an individual award given to the athlete judged fairest and best in the gym throughout our regular season (or in this case, the year of periodised training phases).

Determined by votes cast by the officiating coaches after the final testing and results are in following each training phase, it is considered the highest honour for individual athletes at Hammer Athletic.

Commencing with the Phase 6 Hamlow (to be announced in October 2016), the training phases medal will be awarded every six weeks following a periodised training phase and the inaugural annual medal will be awarded at the Hammer Athletic Medals night in December 2016.

To be eligible for the award, athletes must to participate in Hammer Athletic Coaching Services and regular testing batteries.

Training Phases

Phase 1: February – Pre-season or General Preparatory Phase

Phase 2: March – Strength Intensification

Phase 3: April – Strength/Power (pre-competition phase)

Phase 4: May/June – Athlete Development Program (competition phase)

Phase 5: July – Accumulation/Intensification Phase

Phase 6: August/September – Peaking phase

Phase 7: October – Advanced Lifting

Phase 8: November – Run Forrest, Run (Concurrent Training)

December – The 2016 Hamlow Medal

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