Overreaching Clinic 2023

15th to 22nd December

This program is now in its 12th year of operation and 3rd up here in Townsville. Usually, our most feared yet rewarding of all the things we do at Hammer. There is something about this program that makes us quiver and get excited. Each year we have modified, tinkered and improved this program and we are getting pretty good at the whole set up (if we don’t say ourselves). But once again the brains trust have thought to shake it up again with an even more daring and rewarding approach for overreaching.

What is Overreaching?


Overreaching is pushing yourself into a mild state of fatigue with your training, in order to produce big gains in a short period. While regression in performance can occur during an overreaching period, performance rebounds back rapidly, usually above and beyond its previous level, after a short period of rest (see figure below). Quite simply, we train the shit out of you in a small amount of time, shocking your system to such a fatigued state that when your body finally rests, it prepares itself just in case you do something stupid like this again. The human body adapts by altering a number of physiological properties into an enhanced state and each year we place overreaching just before the Christmas and New Year break, so participants are forced into a ‘recovery phase’ when gyms are closed over the festive period. So theoretically, you’re making gains during the period that your blood consists of your folk’s pavlova or half roast turkey – Boom!



Last year we hit 15 sessions in 7 days the most we have ever tried in that time frame. We use ice baths, protein recovery boots to help get us ready and recovered for each day right up until the end. We laugh, we cry, and we feel we have earned a bloody good break. It was a great effort from all involved!

So based on the success of this program last year we have decided to do something that we haven’t done before with the layout. Instead of a majority resistance-based program format we are going to shake things up and split it down the middle with strength sessions in the morning and conditioning in the afternoon. This will present a very different and more challenging response to previous years as increase in conditioning volumes will increase CNS fatigue, which will pose some real challenges both developing the program, implementing it but mainly accomplishing it. It will be like a concentrated training camp like you have never experienced before!

We will do 15 sessions in 7 days. If you did last year at least you know what you are walking in to, but if this is your first time well you are in for a treat, as this should push your boundaries both physically and mentally to parts you haven’t done before.

Usually, we do our best to avoid or minimise residual fatigue from session to session but, in this case, it’s actually the desired effect. So be prepared to feel cooked. To help with that feeling we are in talks with some pretty cool recovery modalities that aren’t necessary available to the general public. We are getting our hands on some very cool technology as well as do the basics incredibly well. Therefore, throughout this short intense period of training, we are doing everything we can both in the gym and in regard to recovery to get the best possible results for everyone involved.


  • Friday 15thDecember: 2 sessions – am strength session / pm conditioning session
  • Saturday 16thDecember: 3 sessions – am conditioning / midday strength session / pm conditioning session
  • Sunday 17th December: 2 sessions – am strength session / pm conditioning sessions
  • Monday 18thDecember: 2 sessions – am strength session / pm conditioning session
  • Tuesday 19thDecember: 2 sessions – am strength session / pm conditioning session
  • Wednesday 20th December: 1 session – am strength session.
  • Thursday 21st December: 2 session – am strength session / pm conditioning session
  • Friday 22nd December: 1 session – am BFR session


  • 15 x sessions over 7 days
  • Post-session nutrition (Protein)
  • Ice baths and Recovery Boots
  • Hard Work and great comradery!

$400 including GST upfront.

Or 4 * weekly $100 instalments over the Christmas period.

Payments will be on the 12th, 19th, 27th and the 2nd Of January  

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