8 Week Off Season Program

As winter winds down and summer starts to kick in, most field-based sports come to an end (with the exception of a few). Meaning it’s time to get stuck in and make some improvements. Too many athletes think the preseason is where all the improvements happen, however it is in your off season where we see most improvements.

Why? Well because in your off season the rigors of your chosen sport is reduced due to the lack of team training and games. When these aren’t in your weekly outlook the ability to improve individual physical attributes is greatly improved. In this time, you can work on individual weaknesses be it muscle mass, strength, anthropometry, fitness or whatever you feel needs extra work without the interference effect that comes with training and playing with your team week in week out.

This program goes for 8 weeks with individually designed sports specific sessions across 4 sessions per week. The first 4 weeks will be broken down to 4 gym sessions working on volume and work capacity with each program designed around the physical attributes of your chosen sport. The second 4-week block will include 3 gym sessions and 1 outdoor energy system conditioning session. Here we will be working on basic speed mechanics, acceleration, agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

This type of training will give you a huge advantage coming into next preseason allowing you to start with an elevated level in physical preparedness kicking off your preseason with a running start. Not only will this result in improved performance on the field but with the extra work you put in with this program it will keep you on the field more as well. Being stronger, fitter, faster and leaner will increase performance and mitigate injury, a no brainer for any athlete wanting to have a run locally, semi-professionally or even professionally next year.

This program starts on Monday the 16th of October.

Sessions will start at 6:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

This program will only set you back $60 per week for the 8 week period. (no access to the gym outside these sessions)

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