Can You Spot the Difference in this Hang Clean?

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Test your knowledge of Olympic Lifting by telling us which hang clean lift was performed correctly and why. The first correct answer in the comments section below will win a Hammer Athletic merchandise pack which includes a shirt, cap and towel.

No idea? Anyone interested in learning these difficult exercises, or fine tuning them should get along to one of our Olympic Lifting Clinics.

UPDATE: The correct answer is Lift B. This lift included a triple extension* at 0:03 seconds into the video. In lift A you’ll notice this was just missed out.

*Triple Extension refers to the explosive generation of power produced by the simultaneous extension of the hips, knees, & ankles. The secret to maximizing an athletes force producing capability within the Olympic Lifts is in the correct timing of triple extension.

Comments (3)
  1. jim munro Reply

    In the vision on the left of screen you do not get your body position correctly below the weight

    1. hammerathletic Reply

      Thanks for commenting jimbo stay tuned to find out if you’re right.

    2. hammerathletic Reply

      Jimbo Better luck next time mate. The correct answer was B – in both videos I’m well under the bar. The problem was that in lift A I didn’t triple extend.

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