Our approach to fat loss

When it comes to fat loss we believe that ‘consistency is key‘ and forms the basis of any successful program. The more time you are able to spend on the gym floor, the more likely you will experience results.

In order for to attain consistency, the body, like any structure needs incredibly sound foundations. Every sporting team or athlete stresses on the importance of their preseason. Why? Because it is during this period that the foundations for the upcoming year are developed. If their preseason is interrupted by injury or illness, it is more likely that they will have a less successful year than they hoped.

Here at Hammer, we have a similar mindset. That is, in order for us to have a great year physically, we need to have the greatest capacity available. Without that capacity, we won’t have the ability to back up day in, day out, put in the work and achieve our goals.

To achieve a good muscular base for our bodies usually we undergo a phase called Accumulation or General Preparatory Phase, where we implement a program that involves high mechanical stress (compound lifts and time under tension), minimal rest periods and very high loads (reps and sets).

These characteristics are paramount in the up-regulation of essential muscle building hormones, allowing an increase muscle mass. An increase in muscle mass has a two-fold effect: an increase in muscle cross sectional area provides a greater capacity to produce force and a greater capacity to produce force, the better we function. Daily activity (believe it or not) is about absorbing and producing force, at different times and speeds; if we possess a low muscular base, then the risk of injury increases.

Now, before you counted with ‘I don’t want to get too ‘bulky’’ or ‘too muscular’, the amount of muscle we are after is not what you think. To start looking like Arnie in his prime or Mr or Ms Olympia, you need more than the 6 weeks prescribed in this program and frankly, some external influences that come in needle form. So don’t panic, that’s not is what this is about.

While ‘adding muscle mass’ or ‘increase in force production’ might not align with your goals of looking better in your Reg Grundies or your bikini, it is important to realise how important those factors are in reducing body fat. Having more muscle mass increases our Resting Metabolic Rate and nothing burns more calories than our RMR. A person’s RMR is the amount of energy required for the body to perform the essentials of survival; for example, every day I need 3000 calories to live: to keep my heart pumping, my lungs filled and my brain ticking over. However, after performing a program, for example German Volume Training (GVT) for a month, my RMR will perhaps rise to 3200 or higher. This is a consequence of the increase in muscle mass which ultimately results in an increase in caloric consumption. Increasing your RMR in combination with consistent exercise will transform your body into a more efficient calorie (i.e. fat) burning system.


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