2022 & The year ahead at Hammer Athletic

It is that time of year where it has finally dropped below 30 degrees and we are rushing for jumpers and trackies. We all know we have a very limited time before shit gets real again, so have a read below on what we have planned at Hammer over the coming months.

When things get a bit cold and dark in the mornings/evenings, motivation to get to classes can start to fade. We rug up more and can use bigger and more targeted clothing to hide those areas on our body we are unhappy about. Making secret deals to ourselves we get back into it when it heats up.

Well, I’m here to tell you please keep paying your membership, we need to eat……I’m kidding, not kidding. What I mean is, up here in this environment is literally the best time to train. For a very small time we get to work out in temperatures that don’t match the surface of the sun, reducing our sweat perfusion rates from a running tap to a dripping one. But other than the obvious comfort factors the main reason we should be doubling our efforts now is because by the time summer comes and we start shedding clothing like someone on onlyfans we are already in good shape.

Training in winter makes summer bodies. Do not wait until summer to get your arse in to gear because it takes time, and you will not only be battling the heat but as the year comes to a close, there are many distractions that also hamper progression with your rig, strength and fitness. The silly season comes on us like a deer in headlights and we oblige by ripping in to as many free piss ups we can.

So where to from here, we all know at the moment I am right in the middle of the season with the mighty Townsville Blackhawks, and our season ends in September (fingers crossed with a big trophy) which unfortunately makes scheduling some things I want to implement in the gym difficult.

However, the next few months we still have a fair bit going on to help with any lull in motivation. Let me start with us

  • Advance Lifting Program – this program will be rolled out to all our existing strength and conditioning members. This will start at the completion of our current program in 3 weeks’ time (4th of July). What is it? Well, it is strength program that is designed around improving and educating participants on how to Olympic lift competently. We will have a designated day each week where we focus on the three major Oly lifts (Snatch, Clean and the Jerk). The rest of the days will focus on all our major muscle groups whilst using derivatives of Olympic lifts to continue to aid our progression in those lifts. If you want to know more about this, please email me at matt@hammerathletic.com.au or hit me up at the gym to elaborate.
  • On Friday July the 29th we are organising a get together, where we will do a session together (TBC) then head over for a beer and food at some establishment yet to be finalised. It will be great to get together outside of our activewear and have a laugh or cry in public. Partners are welcome for both the session and the beers.
  • Athlete Development program – this program is my favourite program of the year. It will begin in September and go for 6 weeks culminating on a Saturday in October where we all get to see what the program has done. We get our skinfolds done, we measure how fit we are, how strong we are, how powerful we are, and we collate it and compete against our fellow gym goers. All the participants in this program are divided in to two teams with two coaches on each team. We undergo a bunch of challenges on the day with points allocated to each challenge, a bit like an NFL combine. The team with the most points wins and gets shouted lunch by the losing team when we all get together after the competition. Great day of hard work and hard play.
  • Last but not least we have Overreaching again just before Christmas. We had a phenomenal response last year and a great time doing it. We will be definitely doing another instalment of this again just before Chrissy.

That’s enough for now we will continue to remind you of these upcoming events so be sure to look out for them, more details will come as they get closer.

Cheers everyone


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