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Another year down, and what a crazy year it has been. We had the U.S. presidential election, we lost favoured musicians, poor old Harambe, Ebola, Zika, Justin Bieber’s comeback… 

Anyway, here’s some good news; firstly, we gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Joseph (but we will get to that)! We are also drawing ever-closer to the holidays, which means our sixth instalment of Overreaching is almost upon us. Now, every year I scrutinise this program, trying to innovate and make it more and more challenging and exciting. With every year, I’m also constantly educating and retraining myself, elevating my skills and knowledge in order to stay on the very edge of this industry. This can only mean better and more effective training methodologies, which directly influence our clinics especially our flag ship clinic of the year “OVERREACHING.”

Shock the System, Achieve Greatness…

Overreaching is pushing yourself into a mild state of fatigue with your training, in order to produce big gains in a short amount of time. While regression in performance can occur during an over-reaching period, performance rebounds back very quickly, usually above and beyond its previous level, with a short period of rest or lowered volume (within days).

In short, we train the hell out of you for ten days and shock your system to such a fatigued state that when your body finally rests, it prepares itself just in case you do something stupid like this again. Your body adapts by altering a lot of our physiological properties into an enhanced state. Running the program a week before the Christmas break is a perfect time as we are forced into a ‘recovery phase’ with most gym’s being closed.

The idea is that you train weights twice a day for 8 days in groups of 4-5. By day 3 your body will be burning all over, and by the end of the week you’ll be in bits. This is a good thing as you’ll be forced into recovery the week of Christmas.

If you participate in this program you must have a minimum of five (preferably seven) days off resistance training (weights). Cardio may be commenced (and is encouraged) after three days.

What Makes This Year Different to Previous Years?

Firstly, the programming is a little more advanced and intricate. This doesn’t mean you have to be advanced to do it, it just means the programming, the periodisation and the exercise selection is just that little bit more astute this year then it has been in previous years. Largely due to the remarks mentioned earlier regarding my experience and knowledge has furthered this year.

I won’t give away too much of the programming but to give you guys a mini heads up it will look at little like this in regards to phases: strength work; strength/speed work; power work; volume work; then here is a new one ‘occlusion training’. 

Another reason this is going to be better than last year. Our staff is bigger (no pun intended). We have since added Jamie to our staff which is going to make the flow and instruction just that bit more detailed and personalised. We will have four Level 2 ASCA qualified coaches overlooking each and every one of you which will be hard to find anyway in Brisbane let alone the state.

But my biggest and most exciting change from last year is the introduction of more equipment, space and technology to the program. We are currently in the process of adding almost $15,000-$20,000 of equipment to the gym to make your experience as professional and smooth (as smooth as getting flogged can be) as possible.

How is this going to work?

We will commence on14th December 2016 – the full schedule will be released beginning December.

You will be participating in two weights sessions per day for 10 days in the week leading up to Christmas commencing 14th December. We will be doing both the morning and afternoon sessions in 15 minute intervals from 5:00am (last interval at 7:30am), and afternoon sessions in 15 minute intervals from 4.30pm (last interval at 6:30pm).

The sessions will be executed in a group setting, no more than five at a time. Sessions are 45 minutes, however you are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to run through your own warm up and triggering programs, which you will receive prior to commencement (you should all know how to do it by now, if you’re unsure you see us.) We will be commencing on time, latecomers who have not triggered will not be able to participate.

A few things you need to be aware of:

You are going to hurt, and we mean, really hurt. Your joints will ache, your muscles will scream and your nervous system is going to be under immense stress.  It has to be, in order to get the compensations that we are seeking.  ‘Being Sore’ is not an excuse not to show up.  We will all be sore. If you have any injuries coming in, that’s fine you can still participate as we will alter your program to suit.  As we are running the sessions we will also be there as usual to guide you through.

All participants in 2016 Over Reaching Clinic will receive:

10 days of periodised and supervised training sessions with a strength & conditioning coach

Nutrition manual

4-week follow-up maintenance program (to be performed 1 week after the clinic)

Daily ice baths

Post workout supplementation

Camaraderie and fun!


We will be offering two options to ensure that we cater for everybody’s time commitments. Each option will be designed to maximise your training effort within the time that you are able to commit.

1. Original two-a-day Participants in our original two-a-day program will perform weights in a split session format which focuses on specific body parts in order to achieve optimal hypertrophic and metabolic effects. Participants will yield a higher super-compensation due to the attention to various body parts. 14 sessions @ $399

2. One-a-day This has been designed for participants who can’t commit to two-a-day. Each day participants will perform one full body session, and while the time commitment is less, they will still achieve a hypertrophic and metabolic effect, but the adaptation to specific body parts won’t be as fierce. 10 sessions @ $299 *this can be split over a 4-week direct debit commencing Friday 16th December.


Day Focus Lifts
Day 1 – Wednesday 14th Strength focus 85-90% 1RMs Compound lifts – Squats, Deadlifts, Bench presses, Pull ups, rows etc
Day 2 – Thursday 15th Strength – Speed/Power focus 75-80% 1RMs Olympic lifting, Explosive Squats, Presses etc
Day 3 – Friday 16th Eccentric Strength 80% 1RMs Working on the deceleration phase of compound exercises
Day 4 – Saturday 17th Strongman circuit 70%-80% full body This will be done in 3 groups 8:15am / 8:45am / 9:15am

Guys who don’t do these will jump into the class at 7am

Day 5 – Sunday 18th Two-a-day OFF – no training to be done on this day One-a-day HIIT session – 8am @ Hammer Athletic
Day 6 – Monday 19th Strength/Hypertrophy focus 75%-80% 1RMs Compound lifts again – moderate increase in rep range
Day 7 – Tuesday 20th Hypertrophy 65%-75% 1RMs Supersets/Trisets pre-fatigued – combination of compound movements and isolated movements
Day 8 – Wednesday 21st Occlusion Training 20%-40% 1RMs (one session) Restriction of blood flow to extremities while training – high reps
Day 9 – Thursday 22nd Hypertrophy training 50-60% 1RMs (one session) Giants sets or weighted circuits – multiple exercises in circuit format at moderate %s of 1RM
Day 10 – Friday 23rd Calisthenics and HIIT (one session) Body weight exercises mixed with  conditioning in all out bash to finish. Low loads on CNS but higher loads on cardiovascular system and muscular system

Are you in?

Bookings are essential because the waves fill up. Let us know if you’re in by filling out the form below.

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