2016 Phase 7 Hamlow: Darren Hegarty

With the end of the year drawing to a close, it’s high time we announce our phase 7 Hamlow medalist. Phase 7 included our Advanced Lifting Clinic. This particular clinic involved a significant commitment to training. Participants undertook 3 coach-directed resistance sessions in a group strength format with a fourth session to be self-directed. Coupled with this was ONE conditioning session, be it a class here at Hammer or wherever else. So total sessions – 4 weight sessions +1 conditioning session = 5 sessions per week.

Athletes were monitored through the use of load management systems like Push bands accelerometers, session RPE’s (rate of perceived exertion) and the Rejeski scale. This allowed us to see some pretty transparent results, and none were more impressive than Big Darren Hegarty – who is our Phase 7 winner.

Before we get to the actual results, a bit about Daz and his commitment to training. After a few health setbacks last year, Daz has really knuckled into his training and has come leaps and bounds. During this particular phase however, Darren was the only guy to go up statistically significant in all three testing differences:

  • 5kg or 3.33% increase in squat strength
  • 2.5kg or 2.2% increase in bench strength
  • 5kg or 5.88% change in Clean strength

Well done mate – a well deserved win.

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