Are you suffering too much pain for not enough gain?

Physical activity. We are witnessing a generational shift right before our eyes – no longer are we resting on our laurels content with the fact that our feet are disappearing beneath our trunk, we are doing something about it! We are walking, running, triathlon-ing, yoga-ing, bootcamping, you-name-it-ing and that’s bloody great. With the explosion in physical activity the market has followed suit and the popularity of competition-based metabolic conditioning (where periodization typically takes a backseat in order to raise the intensity of the workout) are popping up all over the place. We are saturated in options to train.

Jogging injury.

The downside? Our allied health comrades are seeing rising numbers of people seeking treatment for fitness-related injuries due to the over-activity of certain exercise modalities. The adrenaline, the intensity, the complexity – everything that attracts the average punter – is conspiring against them. This full-on assault puts them at a very real risk of injury. It may have become a life-obsession, but begs the question: “is it making their lives any better?”

These injuries aren’t necessarily major structural abnormalities; they are a result of over-stimulation of the same body parts without any consideration for longevity. Because no matter how much mobility and injury prevention you engage in, it can never prevent poor programming.

Do we have a solution? You bet we do. After all, it would seem a bit strange if we just signed the article off there, leaving you hanging for more.

At Hammer Athletic our programs are periodised, planned and structured in order to promote strength through all ranges of motion whilst tending to acute and chronic issues. We approach our clientele the way a strength and conditioning coach would approach a team of athletes – we have an end goal and we know that it’s going to take more than a few weeks to achieve. It’s an ongoing journey that requires forethought – sure there are intense workouts but not at the expense of creating more issues.

We do this with a complete team of professionals including exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, and strength and conditioning coaches. Our approach will not only lead to stronger, fitter and leaner rigs, but encompass the forward-thought of eliminating pain.

So if you are currently going gung-ho, hurtling yourself towards whatever has been chalked up on a blackboard (no doubt 2 minutes before the session, fresh out of a coaches head) and you’re suffering tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shoulder woes, knee pain, back pain or worse, it might be time to re-consider how you’re training and consult with an expert.

By ‘expert’ we absolutely mean us. We’re here for you when you need us in East Brisbane.

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