Injury Rates Report: June 2015

Following on from our Strength and Conditioning Report Card, one of the biggest and most crucial factors when it comes to determining if our facility is successfully achieving results for our clients is our injury rate. So much so that it gets its own article. As always, we promise full transparency when it comes to our results as a facility – so here it is, warts and all.

The data was recorded over 5 months, from February through to June. 

Injury Rate

Out of 78 clients, 8  or 10.2% have registered with an over-use injury or niggle that was either directly or indirectly sustained as a result of training at Hammer Athletic. While our guys are bio-mechanically disadvantaged due to their professional occupations, this isn’t exactly where we want to be, we would like this result no higher than 6-8%. In order to try and knock this rate down we will be engaging with a physiotherapist to conduct screening and better prevention drills over the coming months.

Rate of Rehabilitation

17 clients presented with pre-existing injuries or ailments and of those, 14 have been completely rehabilitated – that’s a whopping 74% success rate when it comes to getting guys back on in the field (or the gym floor). All of them were well and truly back within the time frames given to them by their physio or allied health professional. The injuries range from small niggles through to major ACL tear and fused discs. While this is a great result, we’re not about to rest on our laurels. We will be doing everything humanly possible to improve this particular parameter because, ultimately, the more consistently our clients are on the gym floor, the better their results will be. Given our business model is built on obtaining results – this takes centre stage.

What can you do to help improve this figure?

I’m glad you asked… get along to a prehab session at least once a week, if not twice. And don’t forget the 3 T’s: trigger, trigger, trigger. Do it in your home, do it in your chair, you can do it everywhere!

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