GVT Vital Clinic Information

As we are not running a seminar to explain the ins and outs, here is the all the info you need. Following this all we need to know from you is if you are in or out and if you want to do 2 days or 3. If you have no idea what this post is about read this


The week of the 2nd of February you will be tested, tests will include:

  • Lactate threshold test
  • Flexibility test
  • Strength testing
  • Trunk stability test
  • Power testing
  • Aerobic testing
  • Skinfold testing

This will be conducted throughout the week, so you will rock up to allotted time session and follow our instruction as it will be all set out for you so that each test doesn’t affect the other parameters.

Weeks 2-5: GVT strength and conditioning

The 2 a week guys must do 1 rip in like Rambo and 1 EST session a week.

The 3 a week guys must not do any EST and only do 2 Rip in like Rambo sessions to minimise the loading that will be on the body.

You all have to participate in one Prehab class a week, the sheer volume of this program will make all of you very tight and sore, very similar to overreaching but for the whole month. So mobility and active range of motion exercises are imperative, not only getting through the program but helping you get more competent for the next phase of programming to continue.


On the 6th week you will undergo another round of testing, however be aware that we will not be expecting you to get stronger, more powerful, or more flexible as this type of training doesn’t enhance those parameters. We will expect it to make us leaner, have a better lactate threshold, and better aerobic capacity.

Don’t panic about not improving on those other things just yet as those parameters are the focus of programs after we build the base from this one.  Strength will be focus for the rest of the year after German volume is completed.

NUTRITION WORKSHOPS – Throughout the duration

For this program we are going to have an allotted time for women and men as their nutrient needs and wants are very different in some aspects. For the committed I am holding nutrition workshops every Friday afternoon (so you might have to pie some of those after work drinkies). The ladies workshop is from 530pm to 615pm and the guys from 615pm to 7pm. Nutrition can be quite difficult, especially if you think you are doing all the right things and not going anywhere. In these workshops we will go through all the possible ways to investigate where you may be going wrong and where you might be on the right track. This will run for the duration of the 6 weeks regime then we will do it again after a 2 week layoff. Following this we will continue with the workshops in blocks of 6 weeks right up to the next silly season. These nutrition workshops will remain completely free as we want to encourage all of you to be on top of your nutrition throughout the various programs that you embark on throughout the year.

We would also encourage you to make use of our facility if you are waiting for your nutrition workshop or you have finished and want to hang around and unwind, everyone is welcome to have a friendly game of ping pong or foosball for a bit of friendly banter.


Based on your current commitments you choose to do either

  • 2 sessions per week | Cost: $44 per session / $88 per week *
  • 3 sessions per week | Cost: $37 per session / $111 per week

* We will send you the 3rd day’s program to perform at your own facility, or unlimited class bundle holders can take advantage of our ‘open gym’ time slots.

You’ll need to book your preferred times in – this can be done via the form below. If you already have a group we’ll put you all together. If you don’t have a group let us know and we’ll find one for you.

Fees are direct debited or you can choose to pay up front and receive a 5% discount off the total cost.

In the interests of keeping this program available to everyone we have tried to keep the costs low – coming out of Christmas we know that cash is always a little tighter. As such, we have been able to create a program that doesn’t cost any more than what you would already pay week-in-week out for your normal sessions by grouping everyone.

Lastly, in keeping with the culture of Hammer Athletic let’s get the band back together work our arses off and enjoy a beer at the German club to celebrate this horrendous month. ACTUNG BABY!

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