New Timetable. Awww sh*t.

Athletes we’ve got some great news. We have a new timetable. Before you panic, we haven’t taken anything OFF – we’ve just added a bunch of new stuff and more of the old stuff that you already love. The timetable will commence on Monday 2nd February. Some of the additions include:

Energy System Training: Has a new home at 5:45am on Thursday (it replaces Rip in like Rambo). It will still live on at 6:00pm on Mondays and 7:00am on Saturdays.

Rip in like Rambo: Also has a new home at 6:00pm on Wednesday (it replaced EST). Not only will it live on at 5:45am on Tuesdays, we’ve added another to 5:45am on Fridays.

Prehab: Slight change in time – rather than running it after the conditioning class at 6:45pm (when you’re all stuffed) we’re going to try running it before at 5:30pm. From what you’ve told us you’d be more likely to come to it this way. We’ve also added another on before Monday’s EST class at 5:30pm. No excuses now!

Thrilla in Manilla (boxing): That’s right, we’ve added a boxing class to Tuesday nights at 6:00pm. We’ve even called in an ex-competitive to coach it, Bernie Short. This class is going to be hard on the ticker while also providing critical technique instruction so you don’t box like a muppet.

Open Gym: We would like to emphasize that we are NOT a commercial gym, and we never will be. We have, however, created a hybrid to allow our current PT clients the opportunity to get another session in during supervised time slots. There are a bunch of caveats that you’ll need to know, should you wish to participate so we would encourage you to jump on over to the page where this information lives.

The current timetable will run until Saturday 31st January and the new format will take over on Monday 2nd February. It will look like this:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


5:30am EST (530am-615am) (RILEY)
5:45am Rip in like Rambo (545am – 615am) (RILEY) Rip in like Rambo (545am-615am) (BRETTTY)
7:00am EST (7am – 8am)(MATT/BRETTY)
8:00am Open gym (8am-9am) (MATT)
5:30pm Prehab (530pm -6pm) (MATT) Prehab (530pm – 6pm) (RILEY) Open gym  (530pm -7pm) (MATT)
6:00pm EST  (6pm -645pm) (MATT) Boxing (6pm-645pm) (BERNIE) Rip in like Rambo (6pm-630pm) (BRETTY)
6:30pm Open gym (645pm – 8pm) (MATT) Open gym (630-8pm) (RILEY or MATT)

To read more about our conditioning classes see below.

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