2020 Timetable and Subscription Options

‘New Year, New You’ and all that schisse!

If you are expecting a post full of optimism, mindfulness and inspiration then obviously you don’t know me or our facility well enough. No three-word slogan (with the exception of ‘live, laugh, love’ – how can your heart not skip a beat out of pure positivity when you say that out loud?) is going to make you a better person this year.

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Suffice to say, same shit, different year; with the turn of the page onto 1 January comes new gimmicks, promises and ultimately, let downs and failures. Like seagulls on a chip, the Instagram experts, pyramid scheme entrepreneurs and franchise gyms swoop from their predatory overhead patrol and push new deals, wondrous cleanses and detoxes or super supplements. Personally, as a gym owner, I hate this time of year, as too many in this industry cash in on the vulnerable people who finally decide that the new slate that comes with the turn of the calendar page provides an opportunity to attend a facility and a genuine attempt at self-improvement.

Anyway, if you can’t beat them join them. Instead of trying to change the way the fitness industry functions at this time of year, we need to do something that advocates our philosophy at the same time getting people in facilities like ours that genuinely care now and post clinic/challenges.

What we are proposing this year is a couple of things that help with overall consistency, the very essence of our philosophy. Instead of running a clinic or an 8-week challenge on its own we are going to make our facility more accessible and affordable by adding some exciting changes to our membership format. Secondly, we are also going to provide that challenge-esk program that gives our existing and new members may be something to get their teeth stuck in to post Christmas.

The most important thing to aesthetic improvement and physical improvement in routine. If there is too much chaos in our daily lives it breeds negative behaviours, which leads to inactivity, poor diet choices and the rest is history. However, if we have routine, set timelines things will be achieved, consistency is rife, and success is the result. Our lives should always be 70% routine and 30% chaos, just enough chaos to keep us on our toes and to add some variety.

With this outlook in mind, we have redone our timetable to support such a formula.

New Subscription Options

Firstly, we have reformed the subscription structure to this:

  • Bronze (Unlimited Conditioning) $25
  • Silver (Strength + Conditioning) – 2 x 45mins strength sessions per week $66
  • Gold (Strength + Conditioning) – 3 x 1-hour strength sessions + 1 new weightlifting class per week $99
  • Minimum 2 weeks’ notice for pauses/cancellations
  • Minimum 2 weeks pause time

You can sign up for them here 


Firstly, let’s explain the Bronze Membership. This membership is the unlimited class membership we have always had. The difference this timetable brings is a few new classes and more open gym times. However due to popularity we have had to get rid of the not so popular classes.

The new classes are:

The axed classes are:

    • Liquorice All sorts (replaced by a HIIT session)
    • Thursday MRT


Our new Silver Membership is the bridge between the unlimited classes and the old strength and conditioning subscriptions. We felt there are a few people who want to do strength but couldn’t commit either time wise or financially to the 3 strength sessions per week option. So, we have created a membership that gives these subscription holders 2 x 45mins strength sessions as well as every class and open gym time. This membership also gets access to our programming software (Teambuilder). This software allows the participant to record and see progress with their performances and also gives the client freedom to do the session in open gym times if they miss one of the sessions. The software has videos of all programs that help assist any client to achieve the prescribed exercises in the program.


The big dog…Gold membership. This membership is akin to the existing strength and conditioning subscription however with a couple of changes. We have listened to our members and realised that we need to be educating and progressing participants instead of just instructing. So, we are adding a weightlifting session in on Tuesday morning. I won’t explain it here but please read https://www.hammerathletic.com.au/services/weightlifting/ to know exactly what it is. If this is popular we will add another.

Our goal here is to continue to add complexity in our programs instead of programming around existing strengths. We got caught doing that for the last 18 months and we know we must improve our client gym IQ in order to continue improving our facility’s experience. This, and addition of Teambuilder late last year, I honestly believe this membership is going to be unrivalled in its success. There is no limit to how much these participants will achieve this year, aesthetically and in performances.

On top of this for our Gold members, we are starting you guys with the converted GVT or German Volume program. You can read about it here.

I said at the start we don’t believe in three-word slogans but on second thought, I’ll acquiesce; here’s a catchy one for you all – f***ing rip in! 


Summary of Changes (effective 10th February 2020):

New Classes

 Retired Classes

  • Liquorice All-Sorts
  • Thursday MRT
  • 630am Group Strength sessions (subject to change on numbers)

New Memberships

  • Bronze (Unlimited Conditioning) $25 per week
  • Silver (Strength + Conditioning) – 2 x 45min strength sessions per week $66 per week
  • Gold (Strength + Conditioning) – 4 x 1 hour strength sessions per week $99 per week
  • Minimum 2 weeks notice for pauses/cancellations
  • Minimum 2 weeks pause time

New Timetable

To check out the new timetable visit our timetable and select the week commencing 10th February – it’s all up in there for you to view.

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