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Movement Conditioning (MVT Con) is all about moving better, reducing your risk of injury and getting that heart rate up. This is the Hammer hybrid version of a Pilates class. In this class we address everyone’s movement deficiencies and/or injuries.

In this class one of our coaches will begin by prescribing trigger pointing and mobility exercises that are specific to your movement shortcomings. From here your coach will take you through some exercises in a circuit fashion that are designed to improve your “muscle activation” (Get those muscles working/firing properly) and mobility. These circuits elevate your heart rate and address areas of soreness or stiffness in an intense little workout which ultimately get you feeling and moving better than before you walked into the class.

At Hammer, consistency is our highest priority in achieving anything fitness related making this class essential for every single member in our gym. Let’s face it none of us spend enough time doing the things we should be doing to improve the way we move and so many of us are guilty of turning up to classes just in time without trigger pointing or doing the necessary mobility work to keep us moving well and injury-free.

If you aren’t working on injury prevention, small imbalances will occur over time and in an instant will result in injury and cause you to miss time in the gym and ultimately undoing all your hard work.

If you are not training or exercising regularly, you put on a few kilos of fat and your fitness suffers (simple as that), so this class is probably the most time effective class on our timetable as it filters into each and every class or session we provide.

In this class we address movement inefficiencies and mobility issues and at the same time provide a tough workout that will increase metabolic rate and assist your fat burning goals.

  • What are the benefits? Reduce your injury risk while getting in a decent fat burning workout.
  • Who can participate? Absolutely all levels – everyone should attend this class.
  • What kind of things will I be doing? A combination of trigger pointing and activation circuits.
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