This class is for anyone who wants to take their training to the next level. It is designed specifically to improve your technique, strength and overall proficiency in both Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting, advanced calisthenics and/or difficult variations/derivatives of the major lifts.

This class is only for Gold membership subscribers. During this class you will perform a variety of Olympic lifting and Powerlifting, advanced calisthenics and/or difficult variations/derivatives of the major lifts. Further accessory exercises including, unilateral work, overhead pressing and pulling, horizontal pressing and pulling may also included to continue your development in becoming a proficient lifter.

This class is designed by one of our experienced coaches who will provide their tutelage in teaching you how to improve your technique and improve your overall performance in the movements mentioned above. The movements taught in this class are multi-joint movements that require massive cognitive function and muscle co-ordination. Many of us have been exposed to this type of training already but it takes many years to become 100% proficient.

One huge benefit of this class is that it includes both ends of the lifting spectrum –  strength and power (You Beauty!). If you are new to lifting then your coach may first teach regressions of these movements until you are ready to progress to the major lifts. If you attend this class, whether you have 1 month, 1 year or 10 years worth of lifting experience you will take away new skills that will lead to further improvements in your performance in both the short- and long- term.  If you are competent with the movements prescribed in the class then you will have the opportunity to throw some tin around under the guidance and tutelage of an experienced coach.

Secondary to the educational aspect and performance aspect of this class, it will also incur some pretty big anabolic hormonal responses. This will increase muscle mass resulting in a higher resting metabolic rate and thus lower fat percentage. Learning, perfecting and getting leaner…Yes please!

Attending this class is a no brainer if you are a Gold membership subscriber.

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