2016 Run Forrest, Run Clinic


While we do talk about body composition at Hammer Athletic, we’re not talking about crazy ‘Cast Away’ diets or prepping for loincloth season. Much like a professional sporting team, we are talking about a season within a periodised training program which, in this case, has been specifically designed to give you a cheeky kick-start to your summer preparations. While we can’t promise it’ll be pleasant, we can promise you this:

YOU WILL get leaner, improve your cardiovascular fitness and running economy.

OU WON’T be pounding the pavement like a Tom CRUISE movie.

Whether you’re just getting started, are an avid runner/triathlete or have been training with Hammer for the last few seasons, Run Forrest, Run has been scientifically crafted (by our resident Sports Scientists) to benefit you at your level. The program will especially compliment the super-intensive strength work our athletes have been partaking in the past 3 phases, or just as much benefit those who are now getting into action before the holiday scene or next triathlon season takes place.

This clinic will be aired in tandem with a strength/power specific weights program structured to maintain both strength and power in the gym whilst making us a more efficient and less injury-prone runner. The best part about this program is that we will increase your running economy and speed with only 2 running sessions per week along with your resistance programs. If these sessions are performed diligently, all the factors that we worry about like strength, power and most of all body composition will improve. The contents of this program are essential and are carefully prescribed to enhance each other rather than contra-indicate each other. You can read more about how we periodise this program in our article: Concurrent training for strength, power and endurance.


The Resistance Program

It is categorical in sports science literature and practice that you do not perform high volumes in the gym while performing high volumes in your conditioning. This creates A PROBLEM, HOUSTON. It’s a sure-fire recipe for injury and illness. As such, since the last 3 strength phases have been quite intensive, the stress on the nervous system has been very high and the need to have a program that reduces the load on the nervous is system is paramount, especially coming in to our overreaching program in December.

So the resistance program for Run Forrest Run is designed to counter that very issue, and we do this by swapping high intensities (heavy weights) but lifting a slightly lighter percentage of 1RM and move the weight quicker, whilst at the same time reducing eccentric work (high damage work). This then reduces damage on the muscular system whilst not asking as much from the nervous system. This completely compliments higher volume of running the guys will be doing during it. Just as we mentioned earlier, conditioning goes up intensity and volume in gym come down.

Catch me if you can… Enter the Hammer Athletic ‘Run, Forrest’ Clinic, commencing 31 st October 2016


So let’s cut to the chase – if you’re keen as mustard to be involved shoot us a message using the form below and we’ll be back to you in a jiffy.

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