Hammer HQ Launch week wrap-up

Today brings us to the end of our 2nd official week of trading – to say that it has been a whirlwind for us wouldn’t even begin to describe the feelings over the last few weeks. We wanted to write a little note to let you know how it’s all going and to thank you all for your ongoing support.


Silly Season Class Launch: last Saturday we launched our classes with a bang and gave you all an intro to what it’s like to train ‘Hammer-style’. We’re not sure how all of you pulled up, but by the looks of the faces on the day we’re pretty sure there will have been a few sore bodies come Sunday. For everyone who turned up you’re welcome to help yourself to all of our Saturday classes in November for free, so make the most of that!


Equipment: While we have the majority of our equipment setup now we are still waiting on a few things, like the astro turf strip and our jigsaw matting for the mezzanine. Once we receive these things you will be able to see our mezzanine transform into a mobility and games area – complete with a ping pong table and foosball machine. We’re very excited about that and expect the last week in November for all of this to take place. There will be some sort of ongoing round-robin ping pong competition, and we would welcome you all to get involved. If you fancy yourself a bit of a ping pong pro you might want to try your luck against Matty – he seems to think that he could have made the Olympics for ping pong if he wasn’t so busy with Soccer and just generally being good at all sports in-between.

Where are the showers at?: Work commences on our showers on Monday. We should have them ready to go in a few weeks. Big thanks to Tommy for organising the project and for turning up on time… If anyone needs an awesome chippy, Tommy is your guy. In the meantime if you’re desperate for a shower there is a hose and gurney out back, it’s not too bad…

Newbies: We would like to welcome the following new faces to Hammer Athletic – Adam, Cassie, Brock, Scott, Darren, Nigel, Zoe, Nat, Brad, Reshni and Ric. We hope you enjoy your time with us and you manage to steer clear of any ‘muppet of the week’ nominations.

Speaking of Muppet of the Week: our inaugural muppet was awarded to Carson Lloyd for flipping the prowler during our Saturday EST class. You might be wondering how is it possible to flip a prowler, but when you’re 6″8′ and as uncoordinated as our friend, let me assure you that it is very possible. The trick is to lean your body over the contraption and push from the opposite end to the direction you’re heading… For his trick and by show of ‘likes’ on Facebook he earned himself 70 prowlers which he completed over 3 x sessions during the week. Well done Carson from all of us. Might we remind you that featuring as a muppet does not award you with immunity from future nominations, so be prepared.


Baby Ham (Hamby): We expect to be welcoming little Hamby into the world on Wednesday the 26th of November. Matt seems to be more worried about the delivery and I (Kri) am, but don’t worry, he’s been practicing his breathing exercises and hopefully the lovely anaesthetist can throw some happy gas his way to take the edge off. He’ll be ok. If anyone is worried about his well-being throughout the process, we will try to ensure that Riley is updated. For any of Matty’s clients who normally train on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Matt will be in touch to arrange alternative times for you, or if you would like to train with Riley on those days we can arrange that too. Matt will be back on Monday 1st December.

Over Reaching 2014: We are in the process of finalising the Over Reaching schedule and roll-out and expect to have the final parts delivered to you all in the coming week. For anyone who is keen to participate and hasn’t already told us make sure you let us know ASAP – or you can read more here.

Hammer Christmas Party: You can expect a massive Hammer Christmas Party on the 19th of December. This will also mark the end of a big week of Over Reaching for most of our guys. Stay tuned for more details on that. We’ve got some great stuff planned.

Cold Drinks: Starting next week you might notice a drink fridge on the gym floor, we will be stocking waters, cocobella and various other refreshments for sale. If you’d like to purchase anything you can fix us up with cash or eftpos, or alternatively you can add it to your next direct debit. Easy peasy.

Obi Gould Kenobi: Our resident nerd-burger Riley Gould spent a few days down at Bathurst last week completing his final exams for his Master of Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation). He’s received word that he was successful and passed with flying colours so he is now our resident ‘Jedi Master’. We couldn’t be prouder of Riley, he’s had a pretty tough year trying to coach as well as study. The good news is that with his study finally over he is free to do more coaching, (in between catching up on FIFA15 on his PS4) so if you’re keen to add another session to your week or know of anyone who would enjoy training with a ‘master’ give him a shout.


Brisbane Hustlers RUFC: Next week we welcome the teams from Brisbane Hustlers RUFC for a whole week of pre-season strength and conditioning testing. The guys will be put through a brutal testing battery in preparation for their next season. Good luck guys, we’re hoping to see you smash some vertical jump records!


That’s about all we can think about for now, again a big thanks to everyone for your support and well wishes over the last few weeks. We couldn’t have done it without you. As always we welcome any feedback that you might have to ensure that you enjoy your training with us, so throw it all our way. Unless of course your feedback is ‘it’s too hard’, in which case we will remind you…


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