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Are you bored with your training? Feeling a bit flat lately? Need a challenge?

If you are tired of your current training regime and same-old-same class formats why not give Hammer Athletic a crack? We don’t promise quick fixes, and we don’t have a sauna or anything fancy like that, but we can promise you this: you will experience some of the best workouts of your life with us. This could be the start of something amazing.

For $22 we will give you give you an all-access pass for a week so you can sample the full breadth of our services to see what it’s really like to train at Hammer Athletic. If you’re not convinced, no harm, no foul. We understand. We’re not for everyone.

We are and will always be community based, family owned and here to bring you the best in health and fitness – and we do all that with a stupid joke, a smile on our face and a fantastic soundtrack.

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If you are keen to get started throw us a few details below and we’ll be in touch in a Jiffy!

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