What we do

Hammer Athletic is a no-nonsense strength and conditioning facility where we emphasise the foundations of strength training in combination with whole body conditioning. We’re experts in our field and implement cutting-edge fitness philosophies alongside the best of the ‘old stuff’ that is tried, tested and guaranteed to work. We aren't all for jumping on the latest bandwagon, but we certainly don't just think that 'our old stuff is better than our new stuff' either.

We train for complete fitness, and not just the appearance of fitness. We don’t buy gimmicks, we aren’t big on cults and definitely don’t promise quick fixes. Hammer Athletic is private; not for everyone, but not closed. At Hammer Athletic we push for a well-rounded lifestyle – it’s not only about eating right and training hard; it’s also about finding the right balance between your health and fitness, family and social life.

Barbells, beer and BBQ’s – who says you can’t have it all? When all these are in check the ability to be fitter, leaner and just better is a much easier prospect. This well rounded nature, combined with the some of the most qualified trainers in Brisbane, can only suggest a successful environment for your health and fitness goals.


We take great care in designing our athletes annual training structures and each individual training session because we know that each training session can influence subsequent training sessions, both positively and negatively. Throughout the year our coaching clients participate in a series of 6 week  periodised phases which differ in design but offer a superior environment for fat loss and muscle adaptation.

  • Group Strength Training

    Enjoy pushing yourself in a team environment and benefit from the structure and accountability.

  • Personal Training

    When you want to see the best results in the shortest amount of time and work with your own coach.

  • Athletic Clinics

    Throughout the year we conduct specialised programs to boost overall strength and conditioning.

Conditioning Classes

Whether you seek to improve your fitness, performance, body composition or just get generally active our classes have been scientifically designed to train the body’s different energy systems.

  • Prehab

    Our Prehab class utilises strength and conditioning principles for keeping our athletes injury-free.

  • Energy system training

    An explosive class that trains your different energy systems helping you to get fitter and stronger.

  • Rip in like Rambo (HIIT)

    If you are time-poor and want a decent session, prepare to rip in in our high intensity interval class.

  • Off-feet Conditioning

    Reduce the amount of impact on your lower extremities while getting a solid gold workout.

  • Hammer Mama Strength

    A strength class to suit the various stages of motherhood; from prenatal to antenatal and postnatal.

  • Open Gym

    A supervised time slot for our coaching clients to make use of the gym floor.

Other Services

  • Velocity Based Training and Monitoring

    Hammer Athletic utilises PUSH Band technology to optimise our athletes' training regime and results.

  • Nutrition Workshops

    Allowing you to discuss strategies to meet the nutritional requirements for your output as well as your goals.

  • Physiotherapy

    Get Athletic: Getting you back to what you want to be doing quickly, safely and effectively.

  • Exercise Physiology

    Assisting in prevention and management of chronic disease, injury and disability.

  • Periodisation and Performance Testing

    Improve body composition, speed, agility, endurance, strength, stability, flexibility and rehabilitation.

  • Strong Kids

    Providing kids with the basic skills imperative to a fun, fit & healthy lifestyle.

  • Hammer Crèche

    Leave your little people in our care while you work on your strength and conditioning.