German Volume Training Clinic

The German Volume Training (GVT) program runs for 6 weeks commencing February 11th, 2019.

Each year, we implement the GVT protocol among our athletes which is a protocol derived by Rolf Feser. Feser’s method of resistance training involved performing 10 sets of 10 repetitions, on a 60-90 second turnaround, at roughly 50-65% of a participant’s one (1) repetition maximum (1RM); this equates to roughly a 5 or 6/10 in terms of training intensity. Feser implemented GVT on his Olympic lifting athletes to dramatically increase muscle mass in order to have lifters advance to the next weight division. Coincidentally he had outstanding results, with some athletes adding upwards of roughly 4.5kg of muscle mass within 6 weeks.

GVT is an incredibly taxing program that creates a perfect anabolic environment in the body: high mechanical stress (or high muscular damage/workload) manifested in the performance of compound movements with extended time under tension. That is, when the muscle contracts for an extended period, it facilitates a marked increase in anabolic hormone production, resulting in high protein or muscle synthesis. In plain English, basically, getting gains.

Over the last 7 years we have seen an average of 13mm body fat lost and an increase in aerobic performance of 6.7%, which is why we keep coming back to it year in, year out.

GVT for Fat Loss

Learn why this type of training is great for fat loss in our recent blog.

While ‘adding muscle mass’ or ‘increase an in force production’ might not align with your goals of looking better in your Reg Grundies or your bikini, it is important to realise how important those factors are in reducing body fat.

What are we doing different this year?

This year, GVT will only be offered to S&C membership holders; this means you must be a current S&C member or join our S&C membership, which will equate to $99 a week for the six week program.

The S&C membership provides you with:

  • three (3) semi-private sessions with our experienced coaches each week, who will guide and instruct you through the gruelling but rewarding program.
  • Accesss to unlimited conditioning classes
  • The performance of a testing battery prior to the GVT program in order to determine basic strength/power capacity, body composition and aerobic capacity and a testing program at the conclusion to determine any differences after undergoing the training regime.

The Program

Program wise, this year we are going to mix some of the old school with the new school in this version of GVT. We are sticking with the original format of the program, which involves simply performing 10 sets of 10 reps across three (3) compound exercises, in a superset format, over three separate workouts. This is an incredibly demanding but incredibly effective phase of lifting.

The program will then progress to using the velocity loss method, supplemented by PUSH band technology, for the final two weeks. PUSH bands are equipment that measures the velocity of a lift and in using this technology, we can measure lift speed as a function of fatigue; that is, we expect to see that as fatigue increases, the velocity of the lift decreases. The PUSH technology allows us to use 20% loss of lift speed as a metric with which a particular lift sequence is stopped. For example, say your first squat is measured at 0.60m/s, then 0.61, then 0.59, 0.58, 0.58, 0.57, 0.58, 0.55 and then finally, 0.48m/s; as 0.48 m/s lift speed is greater than a 20% loss of our best rep, the set is stopped.

Measuring velocity allows us to increase or decrease the weight lifted where necessary. It also helps minimise muscle damage, improves technique and maximises recovery from session to session.

We are performing the velocity loss method in the last two weeks of the phase in order for participants to first become familiar with the GVT program, allowing participants to consistently push the velocity of the lift in each rep/set once they are familiar with the more gruelling elements of the program. This will also provide us with improved velocity feedback in the final elements of the program.

All in all, aside from our Over-reaching program, GVT is one of the most challenging yet rewarding clinics/phases of the year, building a base of muscle mass for the year ahead, a massive reduction in body fat accumulated over the festive period and increase in aerobic base for recovery. A great way to start the year for whatever your goals may be.

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  1. Peter May Reply

    Good morning
    Im very interested in GVT classes but live in North Brisbane and work irregular hours so getting to East Brisbane may not be that easy.
    What times are the group classed and conditioning sessions going to be. Or, is there a way I can get a programme done and do it at my own gym?

    1. Hammer Athletic Reply

      Hey Peter, thanks for getting in touch! The sessions are run usually before and after work to accommodate everyone. We could take a look at your schedule and see if we could fit you in at times that suit you. Could you shoot us an email at so we can work out the finder details?

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