Contrast Training

For this month’s new phase of training we are about to take on is a strength phase. We have done many of these in the past but this particular program is called contrast training, which we have not done before. In this particular program we are touching on Olympic lifting again as well as some gymnastic movements. It is quite a challenging little program however remember that it is a strength program and nothing like German volume (or any volume for that matter). The reps are much lower but intensity or weight lifted is much heavier.

What is contrast training?
I will explain in more detail during your sessions, but contrast training is a style of training that utilises the Post-Activation Potentiation pathway. You probably don’t know what this is, and to be honest it is quite complex that also has quite a divided view scientifically where the actual physiology of the mechanism cannot be unilaterally agreed upon. There are two explanations of this mechanism one through hormonal secretion that increase cross bridge formation and therefore more force or the neural mechanism whereby more motor units are recruited to get more and more force out of each muscle contraction.

So in simple terms, when we lift something your body will go… “What the hell is this guy (girl) doing?” In response to that reaction the body adapts by depending on which fence you sit on regarding the pathway but either or it responds by exerting more force then the previous contraction and therefore lift a lot more.

An example is as follows:
You will do 5 reps at 80% your 1 repetition maximum then you rest and do 1 rep at 90%, then we rest again do 4 reps at 82.5% then 1 rep at 92.5% etc this then utilises the response from the 5reps or 4 reps to do a heavier lift on the 1 rep.

In the program for the people who have had a cheeky look at it already (if on trainerise) you won’t be expected to do all the gymnastics and Olympic lifting movements straight up, but rather focus more on the progressions so that we can master the full lift and movements when we are much stronger and more competent at them. So don’t worry if you see muscle ups, power cleans or snatches etc etc.

Depending on how many sessions a week you are able to do, but ideally you will do 2 metabolic, 1 HITT session as well as your 2 or 3 weights sessions depending on what level you are and what I have given you.Looking forward to this program as it is much less demanding then German volume but this will tax your nervous system a lot more. So be prepared to just feel a bit blah throughout the days!

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