ADP Injury Prevention & Management

If you’ve been mentally preparing for our Athlete Development Program – one of our biggest programs of the year – the very last thing you want is to be sidelined with an injury. While we take the very best care in periodising our programs to minimise injury, sometimes the odd niggle here and there is inevitable – it is part and parcel of being active. We strongly recommend you stay on top of your injury management especially if you have any pre-existing issues by regularly visiting a physio, which is why we’ve partnered with Luis from Get Athletic to create a cost-effective prehab plan for the duration of the program.

Get Athletic is excited about the upcoming 4th season of the Athletic Development Program and is offering a special package for all ADP participants. Luis understands the importance of staying injury free throughout the program and beyond, and also knows that little niggles can be frustrating to manage when training regularly. This is why Luis is offering a unique package that will complement the demands of ADP by giving participants the opportunity to receive regular assessment and treatment of any issues throughout the entire duration of the program for a one-off out of pocket expense.

For an up front cost of $160, you will receive 1 x physiotherapy session per week at a scheduled time that best suits for the duration of the entire program. For each session you will only be required to swipe your private health card and there will be no further out of pocket expense for the individual.

This offer will only be available to those involved in the Athletic Development Program and you will also need a private health card that can be swiped at each physiotherapy session to be eligible.

If you are interested in receiving weekly physiotherapy assessments and treatments for the entire duration of the Athletic Development Program, for a cost that is less than 2 standard physiotherapy visits, please email Luis at Get Athletic on before Monday 16th of May and he will provide you with further information on how to receive this special package.

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  1. Ian Gould Reply

    Hi Luis
    I’m a bit slow in responding. Left a message on your phone about taking up ADP offer if it is still available. Please contact.

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