‘Stop. Hammer Time’ T-Shirts

Ever wanted to own your own piece of Hammer Athletic promotional material? Who wouldn’t, right? Folks, today is your lucky day because from January 2015 we will be releasing a series of t-shirts that are available to our athletes in exchange for a small sum of your hard earned cash.

The first to feature in our t-shirt series is the hilariously clever mish-mash of icons to communicate that it is, in fact, Hammer Time – halting the reader in his or her tracks. Check it.



The second is a special edition designed to compliment our Halt! Hammerzeit (The German Volume Clinic)shirts

Features include various haberdasher jargon such as:

– Double needle sleeves and hems for durability (the sleeves won’t tear from your pump)
– Fashionable fit (chicks will dig it)
– Taped shoulder to shoulder (we’ve got NO idea why a shirt would have that)
– 160 gsm 100% cotton (it feels nice against your delicate pansy skin)
– Deluxe pre-shrunk ring-spun fabric (so if it feels too tight you can’t blame the dryer)
– Seamless design (this doesn’t make sense at all – it’s a t-shirt, it has seams…)

Available in the following sizes:

Mens Sizes                         M            L           XL
Width                                   53           56           59
Front body length              71           73           75

Ladies Sizes                       S             M            L
Half Chest (cm)                  44           47           50
Length  61                          63           65           67

Only $30!

The shirts will arrive early January – it is a limited run so you’ll need to get in early. Who are we kidding, they’ll probably collect dust for months. After all, we aren’t t-shirt peddlers, we are in the business of strength and conditioning. Well, if they’re still on the shelf this time next year you all know what you’re getting for Christmas…

To pre-order fill in your details below. Don’t give us your credit card details, this blog post isn’t really considered a ‘secure environment’ for handling such important things. Just tell us your size and who you are – we will chase your payment later.


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