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It is getting to that time of year up here in the north (finally) where we aren’t sweating our arse’s off standing in the shade. With that being said, there can be a big tendency to back off slightly with our training especially as it takes longer for the sun to come up and early for the sun to go down. This could almost be understood if we lived anywhere but here. Irrespective of the when the sun is up and down up here, we all surely look at this time of year as a ‘thank fuck’ moment. Training in North Queensland in winter is a real treat, not to hot, never to cold.

For us this is the perfect time to launch our newest clinic ‘CONCURRENT TRAINING.’

What the hell is concurrent training?

Concurrent training just means training two types of training at the same time. However, periodising this is tricky and not straight forward, you cannot just do whatever you want concurrently as they can firstly, cancel each other out as some modes of exercise can hinder the biological responses when trained together. The other is the risk of non-functional overreaching leading to injury and/or illness.

The science behind it….

If we are training high loads of aerobic work and at the same time perform high reps and sets of resistance work, they can cause these very issues mentioned before. Aerobic training is a catabolic type of exercise meaning it usually reduces muscle mass in order for us to be light and efficient as we me move our body over great distances. However, when we perform high reps and sets in the gym results in high muscle damage to which increases muscle mass or causes our system to go in an anabolic state. These two types of training done together conflict with each other (interference effect) resulting in non-functional overreaching illness, injury and poor performance.

This type of training can be done without the ‘interference effect,’ but it must be done through careful planning and periodisation of both the resistance programs and the conditioning so that we minimise the conflict as much as possible causing the best of both types of training.

A great example of this, is watching any of our field/court-based sports on telly each weekend. Each professional team undergoes throughout there preseason/season a high amount of running distances, changes of direction, high speed meters, collisions in some sports and extensive resistance programs. These athletes are for the most part incredibly lean (except where the sport demands a little excess aka tight head prop), very strong, powerful, big cardiovascular engine, fast and agile.

All these physical characteristics are and should be desired by each and every individual irrespective if you are an athlete or not. So, we at Hammer throughout June/July will be training you like a professional sporting athlete. You may think ‘I don’t want to be an athlete,’ ‘I don’t care for that!’

There is nothing better when it comes to fat loss and fitness improvement then combining running and lifting properly.

*caveat if you cannot run this isn’t the clinic for you

The Clinic

This clinic is 8 weeks in length from the of June 24th to 19th August and will include the following.

  • Speed, agility and Conditioning Session
  • 3 Resistance programs per week
  • Another Outdoor conditioning session
  • Full Strength and conditioning membership to Hammer Athletic for 8 weeks with 24 hours access.
  • Pre and post Inbody Scan for %fat
  • Strength testing on state-of-the-art equipment using VALD force plates to be conducted with JCU at Cowboys High performance centre.
  • Power testing also performed on VALD force plates.
  • Aerobic Fitness testing pre and post
  • Training load monitoring – filling training load requirements so the coaches can monitor if training load is better met or doing too much, to mitigate injury or if needed add more training stimulus.
  • Nutrition Workshops throughout the clinic – individually based not a blanket approach.

Remember training now sets us up for summer, to many of us wait until summertime to start our training and by then it is too late. To get results for summer we must act now, and this is by far the most comprehensive training program available to the general public up here in Townsville, so be sure to jump on board have some fun, work your arse off and get some exposed to some pretty cool technology and training methods that are tried and tested to work.

All this for $75 per week

Are you in?

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