Hammer Health Symposium 2018

Eat, sleep and Train like an athlete.

We would like to invite all of our clients, family and friends to an evening that all about you and your health and fitness. We will be hosting some very clever speakers who will be covering all things sleeping and eating – the critical components to your ongoing health and well-being. We will also be hosting Bevvies and a BBQ with a donation to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation

The Program

EST Session

To kick off the night we will have a 30min sexual chocolate session to get us all fired up and ready for the night to come and to earn a couple of those bevys with that BBQ. Here we ask for $5 donation for the “Australian Cancer research foundation” and in particular raising awareness for young adult males getting screened for testicular cancer. A cause not widely thought of especially as testicular cancer has its second highest prevalence in males between 25 and 30 yrs of age.

Sleep and Recovery – Dr Pete Fowler

Following our session, we will be handing out a couple of beers as you sit and listen to Dr Pete Fowler talk about Sleep and all things recovery. Peter has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and MSc in Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University in the UK. He completed his PhD in 2014 through Charles Sturt University in Australia, investigating the effects of international and domestic air travel on team sport performance, sleep and recovery.

Peter has worked in the English Premier League with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, the Department of Physiology at the Australian Institute of Sport and at several football clubs in the A-League. For the past 3.5 years, Peter has been working as a Research Scientist at Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital in Qatar, where his research focused on developing practical interventions for athletes to minimise sleep disruption and enhance recovery following travel.

Whilst at Aspetar, Peter was also a sports science consultant to a range of elite athletes, clubs and organisations from the English Premier League, Rugby Sevens World Series, Rugby League, NFL, cycling and motor racing, together with the Qatar Olympic Team and Football Association.

This evening, Peter will be presenting on how important sleep is for health, wellbeing and performance, and introducing his new consultancy business, The Recovery Room, which provides elite level sports science support for all.

Fat Loss – Ali Disher Advanced Sports Dietitian

Once Pete finishes we will get everyone some food and maybe another refreshment and then back into learning mode to listen to Ali Disher. Ali is an accredited practising Dietician with further qualifications as an Advanced Sports Dietician and Exercise physiologist all the while finishing her Phd. Ali will be talking all things fat loss and everything in between. We are very lucky to have such a qualified and well-respected dietician come in and spend some time with us.

Injury trends and tactics – Luis Resa Physiotherapist

Hopefully by this time we have all had a good feed and maybe a few beers which will make it is easier to tolerate a quick talk from our resident Physio on the trends of injuries he has seen here at Hammer and some quick and easy tactics to help nullify these ailments.

ADP and Results – Our Coaches

Lastly, our coaches will touch on some exciting things that are happening at Hammer in the coming weeks and months.  This will include stats from our S and C subscription to ADP news to more info on our new LTAD membership for our youth.

If anyone is still awake by this stage, we will probably be pretty keen to kick on for some more bevys and contemplate how we can still drink and take on what Ali and Pete have said. We hope you see you there!

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