February Best on Ground

As coaches, we see the effort and dedication that our clients put into their sessions on a daily basis and despite the rigours of daily life (their jobs, their families and everything in between), they get outstanding results. It makes us proud. Our ‘best on ground’ award aims to highlight individuals who have shown exceeding dedication to their training and who are reaping the benefits in all aspects of their performance.

We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of our Best on Ground for February than Kassi Ritchie and Sammi Grace. These ladies have been turning up to their Mama Strength sessions week-in, week-out – all the while juggling kiddos, work and everything else that life throws at you when you’re a mum. If you’ve seen either of them lately, you’ll have noticed that they are lean AF, which is a nice little reward for all of their efforts. We think they’re bloody legends – so congratulations ladies. They’ll each receive two weeks of classes on us.

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