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At Hammer, we are staunch advocates of obtaining tertiary education; 3 of the 4 coaches’ have Masters Degrees, with the 4th currently halfway through their Masters Research study. Needless to say, we believe that tertiary education is still the gold standard in respect of career progression.

However, we also know that this process isn’t without its flaws; just like any industry, tertiary education is now a large commercial enterprise, with 16,000 sports science and human movement students’ graduating from universities in Australia last year alone.

While a large graduate population allows for a competitive workforce comprised of talented and well-educated individuals (weeding out the ill-informed cowboys within the field), it does mean that there is an oversupply of inexperienced coaches who ultimately lose out to those already experienced and established coaches.

This year alone, Hammer has provided work experience to 30 eager students and we are only in October. While we do value students shadowing, listening and watching the way we conduct our day to day business, it is sometimes difficult to give our students our full attention considering that first and foremost, our clients deserve our undivided attention.

We are encouraged by the willingness and endeavour of the students that come through our door but appreciate the significant difference between learning in a controlled class environment to learning in a practical business environment.

Our desire to see a respected and reputable industry, replete with well trained and knowledgeable coaches has encouraged us to develop a 6 week program that teaches the basic foundations of coaching and training based on our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry.


This program is open to any willing Exercise Science or Strength and Conditioning students and is developed to address some of the issues we have noted with our work experience students to date. This is not an internship, requiring you to sacrifice hours for the benefit of our business; we are firm believers that when you pay for things, you value them a lot more. This is also not a profit-seeking endeavour at the expense of students; we have all been one and know how hard it is to earn a living while committing to study.

Course content

We will cover the basics of training and coaching by having students experience our training methodologies firsthand, providing invaluable practical skills and knowledge and establishing a foundation for future graduates as they transition into the industry. This will be provided by experienced, tertiary educated ASCA/ESSA affiliated coaches over a period of 6 weeks, covering the practical basics of strength, volume and power training as well as the basics of proper and effective periodisation, testing methodologies and injury prevention.

Hammer Athletics 6-week coaching foundations program provides the following:

  • 6 weeks membership at Hammer Athletic, meaning you are free to use all classes and open gym times (valued at $120);
  • 6 x 75 – 90 minute group coaching sessions. This which will involve training with a coach once a week in a regime designed by Hammer coaches which will see you advance through 3 mini mesocycles – 2 weeks of volume training, 2 weeks of strength intensification training and 2 weeks of strength /power training. Group coaching sessions will allow participants to experience and understand the practical applications of foundational training criteria, including:
    • Exercise prescription;
    • ‘Bang for your buck’ exercises;
    • Exercise regressions;
    • Program implementation to large groups
    • Program implementation to particular client populations;
    • Implementing Strength and Conditioning practices to the general population;
    • How to periodise to a variety of populations, ranging from athletes to the ‘Average Joe’;
    • Testing – how to successfully perform strength, power, aerobic, anaerobic and anthropometric tests testing batteries and how to do it efficiently; and
    • How to individualise programming in a group format without compromising on the phase/outcome.
    • 1RM strength testing as well as power and aerobic tests, both pre and post the 6 week training period;
    • Use of Push band technology, as well as an introduction Velocity based training;
    • Coaching from experienced and educated coaches, all of whom are affiliated with ASCA and ESSA;
    • Demonstration of injury prevention methods, including their application to ‘normal’ programs without the need for client segregation or exclusionary training; and
    • 2 x self-directed programs to be performed every week, either at Hammer (using the open gym times available to you as part of your 6 week membership) or at another facility.

Dates & Details

The introductory session will be held on Saturday 11th November 10:30am and following that the group coaching sessions will take place every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at Hammer Athletic.

This will cost you $22 per week; however, we only have 20 spots available, so get in contact with us today.

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eg. QUT, ACU, UQ, ASCA, ESSA, etc.
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