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Jesse Daley of the Tacoma Difiance

Jesse Daley

Matt is the best at what he does, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with him over the years and the energy he brings to each session is like no other coach I have ever had.

Harry Sawyer of the Davao Aguilas

Harry Sawyer

Sometimes in pro football strength training doesn’t get the priority it should. Knowing the importance of strength and conditioning I contacted  Matt and the team at Hammer and together we implemented a great program for the off season which got in great shape for my best season as a professional footballer. Can’t thank them enough.

Brandon Barello of the Socceroos

Brandon Borello

I can’t thank the coaches enough at hammer athletic designing a program specifically for me and what I’ve needed, pointing out strengths and weaknesses to help me with my ongoing rehab, strength and conditioning training