Outdoor Junior Development Sessions

We all know the importance of our children being active. I believe our schools, us as parents and even our government are on the front foot when introducing incentives for our children to be active. At Hammer we already implement a Junior Development membership where we introduce strength based programs on maturation, mobility and competency. Youth Strength training is a fundamental attribute that adheres with them for life on many fronts. Check out our Junior Development membership on website for more info.

However, the next biggest issue I see in our children is their ability to move well in free space. By this I mean how to run efficiently, how to sprint properly and most of all how to change direction.

During growth spurts our children already are compromised when trying to move in free space due to tight connective tissue on fast growing bones. Irrespective of this excuse most of our children are not moving correctly and efficiently due to one major factor…..it isn’t taught widely enough.

The ability to move in free space is so important in mitigating injury from childhood right through to adulthood. So for the life of me it I cannot understand why this isn’t a staple in physical education programs in schools and/or those government programs I mentioned before.

Athletic development attributes like:

  • Sprint Mechanics
  • Running efficiency techniques
  • Planned Change of direction movements
  • Unplanned Change of Direction movements (agility)
  • Low level aerobic capacity work

These attributes are so important in us being more co-ordinated individuals. The better motor unit synchronicity (co-ordination) we implement as children when our brain is more malleable and plastic the lasting effects are much more profound. No matter the sport you play the ability to move efficiently is only going to make your children’s athletic profile better meaning a better young athlete but even more impressive a better moving adult.

Hammer is now trialling an 8 week outdoor running program from children as young as 8 to 18. Pending numbers their maybe separate groups/class times but provisionally we are starting up our first 8 weeks on Friday the 28th of April at 345pm. The course must be paid upfront worth $160. The sessions will go for 45mins. Please enquire matt@hammerathletic.com.au to confirm or if you have any questions regarding this new service

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