Olympic Weightlifting Clinic

If you enjoy throwing some tin around the weight room then you’re about to get pretty excited. Coach Matt and Dan will be running an Olympic Weightlifting Clinic in May.

The Clinic

At Hammer Athletic, our philosophy is that everyone should strive to establish higher strength capacities with their training so that we can progress to more difficult lifts. Why? For variety and continued improvement of course! So once you’ve developed a base strength level in the various foundation movement patterns (squat, deadlift, press, pull, lunge & carry) you can then begin to progress into performing the Olympic lifts with some decent loads. If you begin Olympic weightlifting without first increasing your strength than you will not be able to withstand the rigorous nature of the movements.

Olympic weightlifting is an excellent expression of strength through its derivative quantity power (power = strength x speed). Now power is best understood as strength displayed quickly, and as such, power is dependent on strength. The main goal of performing Olympic Lifts (Snatch / Clean & Jerk) is to improve explosive power. These movements train your body to transfer force from the ground to the weight held in your fingertips as efficiently as possible.

During this clinic, our coaches will follow a ‘top-down learning approach’ and focus heavily on each phase of the lifts. Participants will have access to coaches eye and velocity based training during each session which will aid in understanding and breaking down the key components of each lift.

Prior to participation, however, you will be required to undertake a screening with one of our coaches in order to ensure that you are sufficiently competent to experience the level of training contemplated by the clinic.

Costs & Dates

The cost is $180 for 4 weeks which includes a 90min group PT session each week.

The program will run for 4 weeks and offer two levels of proficiency:

  • Beginners – Thursday 7.30-9pm
  • Advanced – Saturday 10-11.30am

The dates are as follows:

(1) Beginner-intermediate level (Coach Matt)
– 16th May (Thurs) 7.30pm
– 23rd May (Thurs) 7.30pm
– 30th May (Thurs) 7.30pm
– 6th June (Thurs) 7.30pm

(2) Advanced level (Coach Dan)
– 18th May (Sat) 10am
– 25th May (Sat) 10am
– 1st June (Sat) 10am
– 8th June (Sat) 10am

Requirements for participation:

  • If you are a regular Hammer Athletic client, you need the green light from your coach to participate, based on their assessment of your abilities; or
  • If you are not a regular Hammer Athletic client, you will be required to participate in a pre-screening assessment to determine whether you have the requisite capacity and competency to participate without any significant risk of injury. The screening will be brief and free to those interested in participating.

So, keen to throw some iron (safely, of course)? Get in contact with us now.

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