(Not another) 8 Week Challenge Results

The final results are in so I can talk about the success of our 8-week challengers. You may recall my hesitation to do a challenge (see: Selling Out) but our participants in this challenge have made me a believer in the whole concept. Not only because of how well they went during, but how well they are continuing to go post-challenge. We are 2 weeks past the end of the challenge and pretty much all of the challenge goers are hitting the targets and standards I spoke about in our completion seminar.

This was the ultimate goal of the challenge, not to produce something so drastic that they can only achieve for a small amount of time but rather change habits in a bit by bit fashion using the tried and tested techniques. The fancy shit or flash in the pan diets like intermittent fasting, keto, low fat etc that may get results short term but are consistently proven to get poor adherence with people long term.

So, it turns out increasing proteins, cutting some shit out (NOT ALL THOUGH – you still have to live your life) and achieving a small calorie deficit with periodised training programs with an emphasis on recovery got us some shit hot results.

To reinforce these words here are some numbers for you:

For the 15 people who got scanned with the Inbody before and after the challenge we achieved the following results:

  • Average 4.4 kg drop in body weight
  • Average 4.5 % drop in body fat
  • Average 1.1 kg increase in Skeletal Muscle Mass

Not to mention everyone improved their conditioning and strength results.

You may not think 4.4 kg in body weight is significant, but this is the steady sustained weight loss without the dramatic changes to their lifestyle meaning they are trending the right way and if they continue with the same routine this is going to be even more significant come Christmas.

Remember the results above are averages (men and women) where there are discrepancies between genders and the rate it’s lost is significantly different.

We had two people lose 7 and 8 kg respectively and more than half of the challengers lose over 5 % fat for both sexes.

So, for the people playing at home all we did to get such changes was:

For Nutrition

  • A healthy caloric difference “not a dramatic’
  • Increase in protein intake relative to body weight
  • 0 % fad policy

For Training

  • 3 resistance sessions per week
  • 1-2 high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions per week
  • 1 long aerobic session per week

And now, for the winner…….. (drumroll)……

The Winner is….


Jane just won over some very good candidates. The thing that got her the title was the fact that not only did she drop 8 kg and 7 % fat. She did not once miss a prescribed session. A lot of our guys were very close, and I am splitting hairs here, but her attendance combined with the dramatic results has got her the title of Hammer Athletic’s first-ever challenge winner.

Congrats Janey, she wins 6 months free class membership.

However, to all our challenge participants what a massive effort, and don’t stop here continue the momentum, we have some big things coming up here over the silly season to keep it going, so stay tuned.

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