Work your buns off…



IF you’re looking forward to a little Easter indulgence, make sure you factor in some exercise time. Fitness and health experts say even one hot cross bun or chocolate egg will cost you dearly. [Page 03]

IF YOU’RE tempted to eat your body weight in hot cross buns and chocolate rabbits this Easter, be warned the holiday could send you into a downward spiral.

Personal trainer Matt Ham, from Function Well at Teneriffe, said the holiday brought with i t a smorgasbord of sugar-dense foods.

‘‘That’s probably the worst thing for people who are trying to lose weight,’’ Mr Ham said.

Anyone who overindulged ran the risk of undoing the good work from their post-Christmas get-fit campaign.

‘‘You won’t put it all back on in a few days but it can definitely put you into that downward spiral.‘‘Easter is a great break but you can get that ‘Oh, I’ll do it after Easter’ mentality. Then you don’t work as hard, then you get demotivated and it’s a vicious cycle of eating bad food again.’’

Mr Ham said people with more weight to lose could find it harder to ward off Easter calories than someone who was leaner.

‘‘It’s an insulin-sensitivity issue.’’ But far from taking a hardline stance, Mr Ham preaches moderation alongside a few weight or high-intensity cardio sessions.

‘‘Eat what you want but don’t eat 58 hot cross buns. ‘And try to train every day. I’ll have an Easter egg and a hot cross bun and a couple of beers – you have to. You have to have a life, otherwise what’s the point?’’

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