Silly Season 2019

Things are starting to heat up which means usually a couple of things;

  1. The silly season is fast approaching
  2. ‘Shit! I need to get leaner for Summer.’

You may have noticed that we have done some things differently this year from the introduction of our first 8-week challenge in winter, which has gotten a fair few of our gym members already leaner, stronger and fitter come summer. This replaced our annual Athlete Development Program which is usually our flagship competition where trainers and clients alike go against each other in a friendly (not so friendly) competition that provides great physical and aesthetic results whilst having a huge amount of fun. This always occupied our winter months, but it was replaced and moved to October.


Well, it was all part of our plan to provide ongoing challenges/events so that we have constant targets and motivation to consolidate the results from our 8-week challenge participants and/or kick start our other members into combatting the upcoming silly season.

What is the silly season?

  • We have end of school for some of our Mothers and Fathers
  • We have the Spring carnival and Melbourne Cup
  • We have of course the onset of Christmas parties for the multiple friendship and work circles we are all a part of.

This usually means shit food and plenty of drink. Funnily enough, it is also the time most of us are really worried about how we look and try to get ourselves in shape. We believe there are three types of clients:

  1. Some of us, we are realists, we know that it is a hard sell trying to get in better shape over this time. What we really need, is to be involved in something that is fun, hard with some nutritional assistance that stops or combats what I like to call the ‘mud guts.’
  2. The guys who already have momentum you are looking to submerge themselves in continued discipline in a group format that also provides support nutritionally and physically to continue this momentum you have created over the last couple of months.
  3. The guys who have missed the challenge in winter but aren’t the biggest drinkers or socialisers for this upcoming season and just want to get stuck into something that gets them in better shape then they are in now.

Luckily enough it is our 6th year doing a ‘silly season’ strategy and I feel this one is going to be our best.

We have broken it up into 2 big phases:


Athlete Development Program

Now runs for 8 weeks!

Our Athlete Development Program (ADP) will start on the 18th of October and finish on December the 13th. This year we will be running a massive 8 week-long training block which will include:

  • 3 x Group Strength Sessions per week
  • In-Body Body Composition scan before and after the program
  • Nutrition information to help guide us to achieving better results for the scan
  • 1 x group session on Friday of each week of the program to prep for competition day
  • A weekly plan to help you periodise your week so that you get the most out of the program
  • A fine system to keep all our participating members on the straight and narrow
  • The Combine/Competition day will be held on the night of the 13th of December for two hours of solid work and competition
  • This will be followed by a big party to celebrate the winners and losers as well as a bloody good year of training as it will combine as our gyms Christmas party.



NEW 5 Day Training Camp Format

This program is now in its 7th year of operation. Usually our most feared yet rewarding of all the things we do at Hammer. There is something about this program that makes us quiver and get excited. This year we are trying something a little bolder. Usually we look to do 14 to 15 sessions in 10 days. However, this year we are changing the format to make it almost like a training camp. We are concentrating the days to only 5. Nevertheless, still achieving 12 sessions in 5 days. WHAAAAAAT?! Participants will receive:

  • 2 x strength sessions per day each weekday
  • 3 x sessions per day over our weekend-long training camp
  • Normatec Recovery Pants
  • Protein and post-session food and drinks
  • Downtime lounge areas with entertainment consoles and videos
  • Hard Work and great comradery!




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