Recovery Membership


For $11 per week on top of your membership (or $40 for a casual pass) you will have access our brand-new recovery boots, infrared sauna blankets and our brand-new ice bath unit.

This allows anyone from the common lifter, the high-level athlete to the weekend warrior a chance to get themselves the best possible recovery from workout to workout. Outside of sleep and nutrition these modalities are the most effective ways to get our bodies switching from the fast-paced lifestyle we all live which is powered by our sympathetic nervous system and into the parasympathetic nervous system which is the predominant pathway for recovery and restoration.

By having these modalities available to you 24/7 is something that can take not only your training to another level but by including these modalities weekly it can improve sleep and mood which ultimately improves fat loss and well-being.

Recovery Membership


per week

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Unlimited access to:

  • Compression boots
  • Infrared sauna blankets
  • Ice baths

The Recovery Membership Includes


Pneumatic Compression Boots

Take advantage of our Pneumatic Compression Therapy today to revive your sore, tired and aching muscles, and maximise circulation throughout the body so that you feel better and recover faster. Get more out of your workout and your day!

Infrared Sauna Blanket

Heat penetrates your muscles, increasing blood circulation and assisting healing. Infrared heat will also help tight and worn-out muscles to relax.  Our Infrared Sauna Blanket allows you to educe soreness, pain and fatigue, while improving performance and boosting your mood, all in one therapy.

Hammer Athletic Ice Bath

Our Ice Baths can be assembled and filled in under 10 minutes and at 750 mm high provides an optimal immersion depth for recovery. The  Ice Bath is also the perfect way to introduce yourself to the health benefits provided by regular Cold Therapy.