One Condition: NO LIMITS

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a beginner or just love to train, you can benefit from our unlimited conditioning classes bundle, for only $25 a week.

The Deal

You might be conditioning for fitness, performance, body composition, or just wanting to shake up your routine and get active. Whatever your reason for training, we have classes to suit you. It’s no-limits fitness!

No Hidden Fees

There are no joining fees, no cancellation fees and you don’t pay for what you don’t use – it’s a membership without the anxiety about contracts, pushy consultants or constant emails. If you ever change your mind and want to cancel it, we just need 1 weeks’ notice so that we can stop the next debit from coming out.

Unlimited Conditioning

Conditioning is extremely important for maintaining the body’s strength, endurance and mobility. Our coaches have scientifically designed a variety of conditioning classes to train the body’s different energy systems. Our timetable is jam packed with classes so no matter what your level of fitness, you’ll see great results.


We are more than just a place you can train at and to us, you are more than a number. We are and will always be community based, family owned and here to bring you the best in health and fitness – and we do all that with a stupid joke, a smile on our face and a fantastic soundtrack. Come and see for yourself.