Sports Specific Programs

This membership includes a more advanced look at program formation at the same time more intense conditioning sessions specific to an event or sport. It will periodise around that specific task and with a one on one skype call to go through additional changes and question and answer time.

This is ideal for the semi-pro football player/rugby league and or CrossFit. Whatever the sport we can design a program accentuates your skills and hopefully gives you the added advantage to progress in that chosen sport/event.

This platform will never replace a coach on the ground. Usually in this realm of coaching an S&C coach will work closely with the skills coach where the balancing of acute and chronic loads are monitored closely along with whatever program being performed matches the phase of training the team is doing.

However, we understand that not all teams have access to S&C coaches and/or are happy with it. So, if you are a weekend warrior who wants to improve your performance and maybe chase a better level or even an elite or semi-elite level in your chosen sport and want a big offseason than this is a cost-effective program to employ. Not only are we going to offer strength and conditioning for our athletes we are also going to offer monitoring of acute and chronic training loads.

Acute and Chronic training loads are when the athletes report back rates of perceived exertion or in simple terms how hard out of ten the sessions are. We use this subjective measurement multiply it by time spent training to which we then balance acute loads and chronic loads trying to find a happy medium between enough training and not enough training. Giving us a holistic outlook on training and its effectiveness.



per week

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  • Initial screening & goal setting conducted via email
  •  Strength programming for 3-5 x sessions per week
  •  Individualised conditioning plans
  •  New program every 6 weeks
  • Ongoing troubleshooting with a coach

Non-Collision Sports

Football (Soccer), Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Baseball/Softball, European handball etc

Non-contact or medium contact sports as mentioned above like all field sports start off as Aerobic based sports with repetitive bouts of anaerobic efforts and high intensity/velocity actions.

Therefore, the training focus for these sports offer different priorities then collision-based sports. These sports don’t provide the contact damage (Creatine kinase) that collision sports produce which yields slightly different approaches to how we as coaches periodise their weeks both with conditioning and strength. Usually in these sports they need a higher aerobic base then their collision-based counter parts (exceptions of course = AFL).

This then requires strength programs where it is essential to provide the best strength to weight ratio. Meaning as strong as possible as light as possible. The lighter the more mobile and less metabolic energy needed to get through games meaning more efficient, less injury and better performance.

Also, lastly it is essential to build the strength programs around the higher amount of conditioning needed for these athletes. There cannot be high volumes of training in the gym and on the field as they will nullify each other and contribute to overuse, fatigue-based injuries.

This particular online program accounts for these specific factors when it comes to these sports. Obviously, online tutelage is never as good as a coach on the ground but using these programs will greatly improve your ability to get on the paddock, stay on the paddock and shine on the paddock.


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Individual Athletes

Triathletes, Swimmers, Cyclists, Track Athletes, Tennis etc

The qualifications and skill of Matt and his ability to physiologically and physically break down each and every sport and identify a needs analysis of the athlete is where his experience and know comes to the fore.

Regardless of the sport Matt will assess the level of the athlete, the amount of work being done and the accessibility to equipment and will prescribe a strength program that will assist their skill coaches conditioning or skills sessions.

If further conditioning advice is needed, then that can be done in conjunction with the athletes skills coach for a further fee.


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Collision Sports

Rugby Codes, NFL, (AFL)

As mentioned in the non-collision write up. These sports have different needs. In Rugby codes and NFL for most of the positions the more the muscle mass the better the athlete is. Not only does more muscle mass usually means stronger athletes but it also aids in collisions and post-contact meters which are essential in these sports.

However, the drawback of such athletic shapes means that their aerobic capacities aren’t as high as their non-collision counterparts. Nor should it need to be as there physiological and physical breakdown of the sports are not the same. In AFL’s case, this is a different beast so we will get to that later.

So contrary to the non-collision sports, we need higher volume/frequency strength-based programs where we put on and maintain muscle mass whilst holding a relatively decent aerobic base. This type of periodisation where we concurrently train these two major physical characteristics is incredibly tricky and for qualified coaches who have experience and know-how to combine these elements without contrain-indications.

This online program will accommodate your level/gym age and your availability/accessibility to equipment needed to achieve the best possible improvements in these chosen sports.

AFL is a bit of a beast on its own, where contact or collision is still quite severe however so is the kilometres covered.  This game must be treated in a unique way when it comes to strength programs and as well as the conditioning sessions. Obviously depending on the athletes’ level, it is a very hard balancing act without face to face coaching.

However, we believe with constant contact and correspondence Hammer coaches can definitely put together a program/plan that encompasses all the necessary requirements needed for an AFL elite or low-level player. Just like collision and non-collision team sports explained above our programs will be balanced so that strength work will accentuate the conditioning work and vice versa.


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Strength Sports

Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting, crossfit

The amount of sessions a week depends on strength level and gym age. All of these options can be used for local/regional and/or state level Power lifting or Olympic lifting events or even for CrossFit athletes wanting to do a specific phase to take their strength to another level.

These programs are specifically designed to increase max strength. This is done by combining not only the muscular system but tapping into the Central nervous system as that is the primary component when increasing strength for an individual. To gain max strength specific techniques and timings are introduced which can affect the body in different ways and must be periodised correctly to achieve gains in this particular sport as it can be quite a slow grind to see improvements.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course, you can. We just require a 4 week notice period – which will usually see the current program that you have received out.

Why do I pay a membership and not just one-off program?

We offer one off programs in bonus offers but not consistently because our ethos is consistency over one off fixes.  Usually no one block of training will solve all the answers, but it can put you in the right trajectory to get more and more results. Periodised planning and with forward thinking is what brings success be it fat loss to athletic performance.

I can’t train for 2 weeks can I pause my membership?

Absolutely! You will need to give us a minimum of 4 weeks notice and then you can pause your membership for 2 weeks (minimum) up to 2 months. For periods longer than 2 months it would be more practical to cancel your membership and commence again when you’re ready.

Does it matter if I miss a session?

Sometimes you must listen to your body, if you are just not up to it then miss it. By missing it you may be able to do more then next day or next week because of it. Usually missing one session here and there will not be catastrophic. But the obvious applies here the more diligent you are the better the results.

I am carrying a few injuries and always have I don’t think I can lift weights.

In the initial screening talk with your coach, you will cover what limitations you may have with injuries/illnesses etc. From here if you do have significant health-related issues you will be referred to get more professional guidance before continuing on.

However, if you have had previous injuries/illnesses and do not suffer from them anymore or have slight issues with the problem area in question, the coaches here at Hammer Athletic are skilled enough to avoid, strength where necessary and regress if needed to accommodate all sorts of injuries and illnesses. To do nothing is not a cure (well usually).

If I experience pain performing a exercise should I keep going?

This is a no from us. However, it is very hard diagnosing any issue online and we suggest you seek professional treatment or help before continuing on.

What’s does A1 and A2 mean and/or B1 and B2 mean?

This just means you couple those exercises together, or what we call a superset. Basically, you go from the A1 exercise and then immediately to the A2 exercise without rest and perform the second exercise then rest the allotted time.

Some instances these supersets can go longer than 2 exercises they can look like this A1, A2, A3, etc. All this means is you go to each exercise in the series without rest and rest at the end of the series.

What does it mean when it says 3 set of 10 reps?

It means you do the exercise 10 times and then rest (for allotted time) and repeat 3 times.

I don’t have the equipment at my gym that is in my program?

This should be addressed at the start when you are going through the screening phase with your coach. Your coach will always ask what you have available and maybe even a video or pictures of the equipment. This should nullify any issues with absent equipment.

Why don’t the videos have instruction?

We are of the belief that instructional videos should only be reminders or clarifiers to the user. If you don’t know how to do a particular exercise, we do not believe you should be taught over video but rather one on one. If an exercise is too difficult to do or you’ve never done it before be sure to get someone who has done it show you and teach you as there are too many variables in someone’s technique that might need addressing that cannot be covered in a blanket instruction on a video.

Does it matter when and what program I do each day?

Yes. When you get your program sent to you the coach will give you guidelines on how to fit it in the sessions into the week.