The Hamlow Medals

The Hamlow Medal

Introducing the highly coveted Hamlow Medal. The Hamlow Medal (no relation what-so-ever to the AFL Brownlow Medal or Charles Brownlow Trophy) is an individual award given to the athlete judged fairest and best in the gym throughout our regular season (or in this case, the year of periodised training phases). Determined by votes cast by the officiating coaches after the…

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October 3, 2016

2016 Phase 7 Hamlow: Darren Hegarty

With the end of the year drawing to a close, it’s high time we announce our phase 7 Hamlow medalist. Phase 7 included our Advanced Lifting Clinic. This particular clinic involved a significant commitment to training. Participants undertook 3 coach-directed resistance sessions in a group strength format with a fourth session to be self-directed. Coupled with…

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December 9, 2016

2016 Phase 6 Hamlow: Steve Muller

If by now you haven’t heard, The Hamlow Medal is the new award which we will be using to acknowledge stand-out efforts in the gym. (More info on The Hamlow Medal) It is considered the highest honour for individual athletes at Hammer Athletic, and the phase 6 winner has now officially been chosen by the coaches. So without further ado, the winner…

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October 6, 2016